Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Proper Ways To Deal With Anger As An Attitude

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Anger is an emotional part of our lives. It is a part and parcel of everybody's routine. It is not abnormal to be angry when something flies you up and got you annoyed, it could also be justified for been angry when things don't go as we planned.

To me angry man can be described as someone who is set on fire by his enemy. In his effort to rescue himself, he flaps around trying to hurt those who set him on ablaze with the flames in his body. At the end, he probably hurt one or two people in the process (either innocent or not), but the unfortunate thing is that, the person you hurt most in the process is yourself.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to control our anger and be at a saver side not to hurt ourselves. With this post, I will teach you an easy way to deal with anger. Follow the following steps to control your anger.

1) Try To Recognize When You Are Angry: Do you know anger is not only peculiar to when you've finally lose your temper?  Anger sets in the moment you developed negative feeling about something or someone. As you feel more and more unhappy, your anger level increases. It will get to a certain level when you can no longer hide it and you lose your cool.

Some times, you may find out someone or something is really getting on your nerve and is hurting your feeling. That is the development level of the anger. Whenever am in this kind of situation, to avoid been resulted to anger, I always take a break and excuse myself from the scene, or warn the person involved to stop.

2) Be Familiar With What Gets You Angry: One of the best way to deal with anger is to be familiar with your your anger triggers. Do you know what makes you angry? Do you know what frustrates you to lose your cool?

Funniest thing about anger trigger is that, what makes Mr. A angry could be cool with Mr. B. You need to find out those things you can't just be at peace with when they happened. So try as much as possible to list them out those and avoid them completely.

For instance, if you are a Manchester United fan who don't like his team been mocked when playing, then you don't need to watch ball in the public football arena. Watching it at home is better because, the main culture of football houses is mockery.

So try to observe your reaction towards everything that happens and what use to make you angry easily. Compiling this list will be an eye-opener. It will help you recognize most of the things that will fly your temper.

3) Tackle Your Anger Trigger: When your list has been compiled, look into them one after the other and find out what is so particular about them that got you angry. Why mocking of your team got you angry? What if you go there and pay no attention to them? 

What if you go there with the intention of mocking other teams? Will that relieve you of anger? Just Tackle it, and make it normal. Using this techniques will make find a means of coping with this situation without been annoyed unnecessarily.

4) Finally Do Away With Anger: Once you have succeeded in recognizing when you are angry, what makes you angry and to a greater level, you can deal with those things that are your anger trigger. Having uncovered the root cause of your anger trigger, it’s now time to let the go of it.

If you are angry because someone mock you while watching a football match. You need to avoid getting yourself closer to such environment. This is how you will completely do away with all your anger trigger.
For you to permanently remove anger from your life, you have to make the conscious decision to stop.


  1. sometimes it could be little thing that will trigger angranger.recently i get angry at every point of provocation,lolz;

    God help me


    1. Since you know little things get you provoked in recent time, just try as much as possible to list them out so that you can deal with them.


    2. thank you sir

  2. Sometimes its best to keep mute when you find your self in situations that will tend to heat your anger up

    Glowyshoe blog

  3. Nice post!

  4. It's not easy to do away with anger because something will definitely get you angry. It only takes the grace of God to know how to deal with it when found in such situation

  5. I also discuss about anger and how to overcome it on my blog where i stated that its part of us just like fear, pain, and excitement.

    You made a more clearer explanation here though. Keep it up


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