Tuesday, 27 October 2015

How To Get Started On Achieving Your Dreams Today

As we grow older, we all hope to be successful in life. We decided to be hardworking and set so many goals for ourselves to be achieved. We developed reasonable big dreams and set a target on when to achieve it.    

Personally, I have a dream to write a book, create an maintain the most resourceful and popular blog, go back to school for higher degrees and also travel abroad to see how things are done over there.  

Unfortunately, just as it happens to other people. Time wait for no one, it keep on moving and life get more tougher. I got too busy and I got been restricted by unknown constraints. All these problems tends to be more powerful than my dreams.  

As time goes on, the dream start fading and losing hope in its achievement. Today, if you have this particular problem and you are reading this post, your problem is solved.     With this post, I'm going to tell you how to achieve your big dream, while you start gradually.    

How To Start Achieving Your Dream Taking The First Step

1) Evaluate Your Dream: Achieving a dream has to do with making of several sacrifice. So it becomes necessary, to re examine that very dream of yours whether it deserved suffering for.

 As yourself if you really want to achieve this very dream. Find out the benefits and joys you will experience from realizing your dream? What pain you will avoid by reaching your dream?  If all these are known to you, proceed to number two.

2) Make A Plan: Follow the popular saying, ' he who failed to plan, planned to fail'. You have to draw up a Plan and your plans must be based on positively.

Right from the planning stages, develop a strategy on how tackle prospective problem that may come up along the way. While trying to achieve success.

Make good plans about your Dreams and find out the steps it will take you to get there. What ground work needed to be down, try to interview those who had reached the same dream and seek advice.

3) Make Your Dream Known To Others: You need to tell your family members, friends or any other trustworthy person about the dream you would like to achieve within a time frame.

By letting them know this will help you set expectations about how you’ll be spending your time and they will also serve as a reminders whenever you are going astray.

4) Get A Mentor: It is necessary to get both secret and open mentors. If possible find someone who is willing to mentor you, coach you, or at the very least ask you for updates on your progress, act as a sounding board, and be there to celebrate your successes.

Whenever you have problem along the way, you can run to them for help and advice.

5) Take the First Step: It is nice to dream big, but good to act fast and start small. The pool may be cold, but once you jump in you’ll get used to it pretty quick. Plus you’ll be invigorated. So take that first step and get started! And you will be successful. 

 I hope this helps?


  1. Getting a mentor has been one of the driving factor that has pushed me and make me think outside the box..
    Above all prayers is also a key point. Thanks for always showing us another side of life..


  2. That no 3 don't agree, it's not everyone you tell your dream, not all are happy or Wana see you succeed.


    1. I agree with Bola, some people are bitter when they see you succeed and may even go as long as pulling you down. All the same, nice post bro

  3. @bola n alabekee... not everyone persay but there should be one particular person u can confide in maybe ur spouse, sister etc.

    Is just to encourage you in achieving your goal probably when you giving up or pull you back when taking a wrong direction.


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