Thursday, 8 October 2015

These Are Reasons Why You Always Failed To Achieve Your Goals

So many times, you see young ambitious guys with good dreams. They start so well that the whole world will expect them to make it, within a very short period of time. But unfortunately, has never achieved anything in life.

So many of such people made a wonderful new year resolution in January, now its October and they've achieved nothing.

Let me ask you if you are one of them.
Are you among those people who have a big dream and big plans but just never seems to get anywhere with them? 

Do you also make some resolution at the beginning of this year and you never excute any till now? Do you feel like you should completely ignore those vision? Or you just want to postpone it to another year?

If you fall into any of these people, then take your time to read this post. It is written in such a way that, it will help you notice those hindrance, that never make you an achiever. 

It is unfortunate that most people are just pursuing their goals without paying attention to why they are not achieving it. 

Once they failed in one plan, they move and keep trying. But am sorry, no matter the numbers of time you tried, you may not achieve it, until you know the reasons.

Therefore, with this article, I will discuss some main reasons people fail and will continue to fail in achieving their goals. The post will serve as an eye opener to take note of what you've been doing wrong in the past. 

1)  Limiting yourself with wrong beliefs: The only time I ever failed a subject/course was in my secondary school days. As a boy who was born and brought up in the Northern part, without any background knowledge on how to read Yoruba. 

Though its my real language but we don't offer it up there in school until I got to my state where I was to further my education.

So no matter how hard the teachers explain, I don't care, because I don't believe I could understand it. So at the end of the term, I got a very brilliant result in other subject but failed Yoruba. 

Personally, whenever I failed to attain the things I’m going for in life, it’s simply because I didn’t believe I could achieve it.

The truth is that, if you start doubting your own potential in achieving something, it will make it far more easy for you to give up on a goal and just move on to something else. 
 2) Choosing of wrong goal to pursue: Sometimes, you will observed that you are pursuing a goal not really because it comes from your mind. 

You are only trying to achieve them because other people want you to  do it. Your dad want you to be an accountant and you are just doing it.

Doing something just to impress others will make you focus on something you don’t care if you achieve or not. Moreover, people want me to do it. 

I will advice if you want to pursue any goal in life, make sure it is what comes from you mind. Your passion for it will make you pursue it harder, when achieving it becomes difficult.  

3) You are impatient and inconsistent: It is not possible to give birth to a new born baby today, and expect him to grow into a self dependent adult tomorrow.

It requires a lot of patience and consistency to nurture him and make him grow. You can't stop taking care of him because he refused to walk when he is one month old.

The secret is is to keep taking care of him. Once you’ve decided on your goal, don’t let anything get in the way. 

There may be times when life distracts you as it always will, but once things are dealt with, get back on track. Never give up because things is not working out for now.

No matter the difficulties you are facing in achieving your goal, be persistent and be patience. You will surely achieve them.



  1. Let me also add "when you lose focus" you are neither here nor there... To achieve your goals you must stay true to yourself and to your goals..

  2. nice one. check out my blog

  3. The major is the point 3, impatience and inconsistency is killing lot of businesses, ideas .etc. if we can look further than the present, life will be better

    1. Yeah...thanks for this wonderful comment Bola.

  4. The points listed above are so correct. May God help us to achieve our goals in life


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