Saturday, 28 November 2015

When Is the Right Time To Go Out Of A Bad Relationship?

the right time to go out of bad relationship and quit
If you once had the kind of my experience in a relationship, you will not doubt me, that not every relationship is meant to last for a long time. Some relationship are not even worthy of spending your reasonable numbers of years on. Though we all know that not all relationships work out fine and trying to keep on to it for a very long time would either lead to more frustration. The best thing is, the moment you observed that you are not with the right partner, you should just get out of that relationship and call it quit.

Some people going through a bad relationships are really aware of this fact. The only problem they are faced with is, the question of when they should actually move out of bad relationship. Should I move out now or later? Will he/she change with time or not? These are the natures of questions they keep asking themselves.

With this post I've listed out some signs of bad relationships that you actually don't need to waste your time in, before you decide to move out immediately and call it quit.

1) Flimsy Excuses: If the only reason you are still staying in that relationship is because you guys have being together for a very long time, I think it is time you move out of it. Relationship is what you should be happy staying in. It is something that should give you a rest of mind, you must also be secured. The moment you observed that you hardly enjoy any of these benefits of relationships. Then you are only in it because you and him/her have been in a relationship for five years or so.

If that’s the only reason you are staying together, don't worry yourself. You don’t have to force yourself to be in an unhealthy relationship just because you both are together for years. Don’t give yourself lame excuses for staying in that affair. You need to ask yourself why you want to stay in it. If there is no positive replies to this, just find your way out.

2) Your Love And Efforts Are Never Appreciated: We all know that relationship has to do with sacrifice. You give your love, commit your time and give out trust without looking back. Then haven done all these and you are not still appreciated and respected. If you are in a relationship that makes you feel worthless then there is no point to carry on. 

If your partner doesn’t appreciate you, or love you for the person you are, there is no need to stay with that person. No matter how hard you tried to get what you deserved in a relationship, you don't just get what you deserved. Why not move out? If you move out of the relationship and your partner comes to appreciate you later, he/she will come back to beg...and thereafter, give you what you deserved.

3) He/She  Never Want You The Way You Are: It is just good to be yourself, and be loved as such. You don't have to live a fake life to please someone. That's what I don't do and will never do that to please anyone. It is not too much to be loved for the person you are.  

If you are not wayward, and your partner always want you to change as a person to satisfy their own demand. That means they don't deserve you. I agreed that having an healthy relationship need compromises and a little change of habits but it doesn’t mean that other person has right to rule your life. Love should be unconditional. If he/she demands you to transform into a totally new personality and live a fake life to cope, then why are you still in such relationship? kindly move out of such relationship and call it quit.

4) You Are Always Being Abused: As for me, I say no to domestic abuse...either in relationship or any other affairs. If your partner always find it easy to abuse you, either physically, mentally or emotionally, you must not take that. Don't settle for less because you want to be in a relationship. You deserve a partner who can treat you with love, care and respect. Don’t let anyone to degrade you emotionally or hit you physically because of love or because you just want to remain in the relationship.
These are the few signs I can list for now...Or what do you think.


  1. some ladies see all these sign yet they stay put in such an abusive relationship for the fear of being mocked by friends and family.

    1. I Hardly know the reasons why most ladies do this Bola. How are you?

  2. After 43 years of marriage, I find that happiness come and goes, and that as long as love remains strong, the best course is to weather the unhappiness.

    1. Yeah...talking from great long term experience.


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