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4 Benefits Of Keeping Some Female Friends As A Single Guy

As a man why will I prefer to be friend with ladies other than the male counterparts? What do I stands to gain as a single guy mingling with ladies around other than incurring some unnecessary expenses? These are some of the few questions that could probably be bothering your mind.

Keeping a good friendship with a woman can enrich your life in so many ways. Most especially if you are a single guy who is still searching, having some couples of female friends could be helpful in so many ways.

Below are some of the few benefits of keeping female friends as a single guy

1) You Will Learn What You Don't Know About Women: As a guy who is still single and searching for a well befitting lady to date, being a friend with ladies can expose you to so many things you need to know before going into a relationship. There is an assurance that, you will learn a lot about women during conversations with your female friends. 

Just ask or observe them closely when you want to know somethings about woman. With their response, you will know more about women even before you go into your own relationship. They can teach you how you have to talk to women, how to make a woman love you, how to touch her and so on.

2) You Will Be Introduced To Her Friends: You are a single guy searching for a lady to hook up with. Just try as much as possible to keep a reasonable numbers of female friends. Gradually, you will meet her friends and it could be a great way to meet women who you might even ended up dating. Probably one of her friends could be your future wife. This can only be easy if you have some female friends who has a lot of pretty nice girls as friends.

3) She Will Build Your Confidence Around Women: If you are a guy that always find it difficult in talking to women try as much as possible to keep some female friends. Spending your time with some female friends is nice and would help you build confidence when you are around other ladies.

After sometimes, you will be able to walk freely to any girl and look into her eyes and tell her you love her. The more time you spend in the presence of some pretty intelligent girls, the more comfortable you will become around women in general, even if the girl you spend your time with is not your girlfriend.

4) Other Ladies Will Love You Through Them: As we all know, ladies can gist. They can discuss you for so long hours among their friends. If you are a good guy and keep nice female friends. They will definitely market you for free.

Naturally, ladies are always interested in  men who other women groove with and enjoy his company. Since you are still searching, is better to keep the kind of female friends who are ready to promote you, you will find it easy to attract beautiful women into your life as soon as possible.

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  1. Do you really write all of these posts?

    At my age, I don’t care much about my friends’ gender, but when I was young, if I thought a woman was beautiful, there was no way that I could simply be her friend. The loss of libido is one of the blessings of age. By the way, I heard that Nigeria is either the second or third biggest producers of movies in the world, it being behind India and maybe behind Hollywood too.

    1. Yeah...I write all of the post here except the few guest post from my friends.

      Nigerian Nollywood is a big film maker. Its has a big capacity and produce film with the major three ethnic group ( Yoruba, Hausa and Ibo) including in English language.

      Most of the films are consumed by Nigerians and other African countries. How are you sir?

    2. "How are you sir?"

      ...Wishing I could meet you and see some of your country's films...

    3. Its easy sir...just try to take a vacation to Nigeria. You will have a wonderful experience down here.

      You can always lay your hand on any of our nollywood films in America.

      Have you being to Africa in the past?

    4. P.S. I don't know how I could have been so wrong about where you went to school, but I see that it was Nigeria's University of Ilorin, so I'm corrected on that point, but I would still love to know what you studied, whether you got any degrees, and whether you're now working in your field of study.

    5. You are not wrong about where I school. Its here in Nigeria, University of Ilorin where I had degree in Accounting.

      I planned to go abroad for my master degree but the financial requirement is at the high side for me to bear for now. So I'm into writing my country's professional exam in accounting presently.

      As to working, I'm not for now. You know the Country's economic situation is in mess.

  2. Well, I have some medical problems—and related appliances—that would make travel difficult even I was much into travel, which I no longer am. Home is so much more comfortable, you know. I have my computer, my cat in my lap, my library, growing Deland collection, my classic movies on DVD (I especially love silent films), and my yard to love and care for. As for getting Nigerian films, they would have to be in the public library, which is doubtful, but I will check because I would assume that there’s a freshness to them that is grievously lacking in Hollywood, at least. I NEVER see new films unless they’re from a relatively small and independent studio.

    No, I’ve not been to Africa, but you went to school here—is that not right, Iowa, I think it was—but I don’t know what you studied? I’ve been to 48 of the fifty American states, most of them many times. I’ve also driven across much of lower Canada and have visited border towns in Mexico. Now you have a list of my travels, but how about your travels? You’re much younger than I, I would assume, and if you went to school, I would suppose that you probably have a good job and the means and the freedom to travel. Is any of this true?

    As for your blog, I don’t mean to complain, but rather to say what I would most enjoy reading. I would enjoy it if you would write everything you could think of about your life and your country. Other than South Africa, I’ve never even known a blogger from Africa, and surely Nigeria is a fascinating part of Africa, and you, of course, are a fascinating person. I can hardly tell you how interested I am in learning from you.

    1. Its really nice you have most of what you needed within your premise to give you comfort. You've really tried in America, traveling around 48 States is a wide coverage sir.

      Though its would have been wonderful supposed you've been to part of the world here. It's cool and contrary to most of what the international media say about us in reality.

      I'm not proud to tell you that I've I'm yet to travel out of Nigeria though have traveled round 14 States Out of 36 in Nigeria. Hoping to cover more any time soon.

      As to my blog posts, I've written some couples of articles about myself ( and issues in Nigeria but I also use this blog to share some tips about relationships and lifestyles just to make others benefit.

      Yes you are right...I'm younger than you...I'm 27. We have so many wonderful bloggers in Africa most especially in Nigeria.

      You sounded like you have no interest in South Africa? I'm I right?

    2. I have no interest in South Africa, but I'm hardly opposed to learning about it. Of course, it used to be on the news here everyday during Apartheid.

      "We have so many wonderful bloggers in Africa most especially in Nigeria."

      I'm always interested in people who write from the heart, so if you have recommendations...

  3. ssee when you have a girlfriend or serious one she wont like you to mingle with girls

  4. “Its really nice you have most of what you needed within your premise to give you comfort.”

    Yes, I lack for nothing that I truly want. My wife and I are both retired, and we live on what little the government sends us each month. Because our wants are modest, it’s enough.

    “I'm not proud to tell you that I've I'm yet to travel out of Nigeria”

    There was a famous writer here named Henry David Thoreau who lived in Concord, Massachusetts and wrote, “I have traveled widely in Concord.” It his way of saying that it’s not how far you go, but how deeply you go.

    “Yes you are right...I'm younger than you...I'm 27.”

    Are your parents well, and are they doing okay financially?

    1. Yeah...its about how deeply not how far....

      Mum is fine but dad is late 11years ago. Financially she is trying her best...

      On your blog I read about your grand daughter when you were talking about human feeling superior over other species on earth.

      How is she and the parent sir?

  5. “On your blog I read about your grand daughter when you were talking about human feeling superior over other species on earth. How is she and the parent sir?”

    I don’t believe that humans are superior to other species or that their feelings are superior to those of other species, so perhaps I expressed myself badly for you to interpret me that way. The “granddaughter” was the child of some friends, and the wife got mad at me (for a post I wrote) several months ago so I no longer see them or the child, although Peggy does. I will, by the way, read the post you referred me to in which you talk about your life.

    I’m sorry your father is dead. Peggy’s is still alive, but my mother died in 1988 and my father in 1994. I had the good fortune of being with each of them when they died, and my father’s dead occurred here in my home, and I am glad for that also because death is, of course, a profound event, and that his last image of the world occurred here with me means a lot, and it even makes this house more special.

    With respect from your friend,

    1. Death is were really lucky to have your parents for long time before they die.

      It's unfortunate the parents of the grand daughter failed to realize that everyone have right to his own opinion.

      All ia well...

      how are are you doing sir?


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