Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Four Limiting Beliefs That Almost Ruin My Blog And My Career In Life

limiting beliefs that can kill your dream
What most people don't realize is that, what they strongly believed in, have a way of manipulating their lives. You are what you believed and all your actions are guided by your beliefs. With This post, I just want to share four limiting beliefs that almost ruin my blog and career and how I finally dealt with them.

Here are the limiting beliefs that you and I must do away with, to be successful in life.
1) I Always Think It Was Too Late To Pursue My Dream: We all know that, there is societal expectations and standards as to when people are meant to been seen pursuing a certain goals in life. To the society, it looks abnormal to see a ten years old boy in nursery classes, because his age mates are already in the Secondary Schools. But that doesn't mean he won't be a graduate some day. 

I would have started pursuing my dream and turn blogging to career for so long, but I felt it was too late to start. I felt people who are controlling the internet today had already started it years back and it's too late for me. This belief actually got me done for awhile, before I was challenged again.

As a person who is highly determined to achieve success and go far in life, you must do away with such belief. You must recognize that your age isn’t the real limiting factor in life, it is your beliefs. You don't have to build your life on that predefined values and expectation of the society. Just create your own path, and prove to people that it is never too late to achieve anything. So start pursuing that dream today.

2)  I Could Not Be Myself  Because I Don't Wanted To Be Judged: Honestly, I've made a lots of mistakes in the past. I've refused to do what I alt to do because I don't wanted to be judged, I don't wanted to be insulted and trying to avoid all forms of negative comments about me and about what I do and how I do them. Most especially on the blogging platform. This has really affected me so badly in making progress that I supposed to make.
Unfortunately, despite all my efforts to avoid negative impression about me from people, I still received criticisms and received negative comments. This helps me to realize that people are always going to judge, no matter how great you are. You can never please everyone because everybody is different with his/her own set of opinions. 

You are better off being yourself and owning your real self... You can never please everyone and you certainly need to please yourself to live a fulfilling life. It is not your responsibility to please people in life, believing in yourself is a real virtue. That's what I do.

3) Afraid Of  Being Rejected I Can't Ask People For What I Want: In the early stage of this blog. I was so lucky to meet some popular bloggers both foreigners and Nigerians. They are always ready to help. Always seeing the potential in me to be great. 

Unfortunately, I never seize the opportunity. I don't want to ask so that I won't face rejection from them. I could not ask for blogging tips, talk-less of a guest post. If they don't ask me to submit one, I was not ready to ask. Not because I was proud, not because I knew everything, but because I was afraid of been rejected.

I later got to know that in life, people face rejection all the time. Rather than avoid rejection, learn how to handle it. By you shying away from asking because you don’t want to face rejection from people, you will only rob yourself of opportunities to get what you want. 

I later realized that rejection is part and parcel of life and you must have it to get what you want. You may not have anything from people except you asked for it. So don't be scared of rejection.

4) I Don't Want To Be Betrayed So I Can't Trust People: I wanted to do something on my blog to make it look more professional but I lack the technical know-how. So many fellow bloggers offered to help, but I never trusted any. So I had to leave it undone for years. 

In recent time when I've realized that being guarded doesn’t help me to forge meaningful connections and do the necessary things, I then met on the internet, another Nigerian Tech blogger ( Tunde Sanusi of  and within a week, I trusted him and I gave him my password to do it for me without any fear of being betrayed.

If you've ever been betrayed, you will not doubt it that betrayal is terrible and hurtful, yet it doesn’t mean you should completely withdraw yourself from others. As my mum do say, "just because there are a few bad eggs doesn’t mean all eggs are bad''. Not trusting people will not only keep you from meeting amazing people, it will also make you unhappy at the end of the day.

I want you to believe that with every new person you meet, you must always give them your full trust unless the person violates your trust. This is how I’ve been able to make so many great friends in my life and build so many amazing connections both online and offline.

I Hope I've Inspired You With My Story?


  1. Great insight... It shows how much you have grown over the years, and how well you have possitioned yourself to encourage and keep inspiring our likes.

    Big-ups Sir.

    1. You are welcome brother. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Good one. Most times we limit ourselves and deprived us of so many blessings. People can still be trusted and there are still good people out there. Thumbs up Tunde.

    1. Thanks for the is really important.

  3. Interesting post. I love your determined spirit.


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