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Should I Invite My Ex To My Wedding And How To?

should I invite my ex to my wedding?
Marriage ceremony is not really about family members being present alone. It is inclusive of friends, colleagues, well wishers and many other more. In a situation where you want to invite your Ex to your wedding, it takes wisdom and second thought in order not to spoil the whole day for yourself. That's why you keep asking questions like, should I invite my Ex to my wedding? If yes how do I invite my Ex to my wedding? All these require certain tactics to get it done.

The common thing is that, most of us who want to get married might either have an Ex girlfriend/boyfriend or Ex wife/husband. Therefore, it often comes to our minds if we should invite any of these people to attend our wedding or not. 

One of the major determinants as to whether you should invite your Ex to your wedding or not, is the maturity and understanding of your partner. If your partner lack all of these and your ex suddenly show off in your wedding, this could ruin the whole wedding arrangement. So it is not a matter of I must see my ex at my wedding this time around. It takes logic.

You must have a good reason for wanting to invite your ex to your wedding. It must also be a kind of ex you parted on amicable grounds and no longer have romantic feelings for each other.

Here are few things to do to determine whether you should invite your ex to your wedding or not

1) Be Sure You Are Still In Good Term With Your Ex: If your departure was on amicable grounds, and both of you are still in good term, there is a high tendency that inviting your ex-spouse or ex-fiance will not ruin your wedding. You must be very sure of this before you make an attempt to invite your ex to your wedding. He/she must also be someone you know as a peace loving individual.

2) Be Sure That Both Of You No Longer Have Romantic Feelings For Each Other: Yeah! This is very important. I was in a wedding yesterday and the whole thing got messed up for the bride because her ex with whom she still has an emotional attachment was in attendance.

She looked so confused, and shocked to see him. Though there was a serious issue on ground before the wedding. If you want to invite your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend be sure that you both have no emotional connection any more.

3) Seek Permission From Your Fiance: Since the wedding is not for you alone, and I'm sure your fiance might have heard about your ex in the past from you. So tell him/her about your plan to invite your ex. It is very important to make sure your fiancé is completely comfortable with you inviting your ex to the wedding.

4) Inform Your Family About It: Some relationship got broken while the both families are actively involved. It could be a ex-spouse or a well known ex-fiance. The parting may not be without their consent, maybe a family member even had a misunderstanding with your Ex because of you. You have to consider if your ex’s presence will off set some of your family members. So that you won't turn your wedding venue to a boxing ring.
5) Inform Your Ex First: Before you go ahead to invite your Ex to your wedding, kindly get him/her informed about your plan. You may like to have him/her in your wedding while the person may be uncomfortable with the whole idea. Therefore, you must respect their feelings. Just ask them if they won't mind to be present in your wedding, before proper invitation.

 Would You Mind Inviting Your Ex To Your Wedding?


  1. Emotions are big things and could ruin something like that of the bride who saw her ex. These post is worth sharing

  2. the llast wedding iwent for ,isaw my friends ex they were so known by everyone when i asked him why did he come,he said ":we are still god friends and your friend is a god person,i wont forgifve myself if i dont come,and i hope this man values her and take care of her"i was like ooh.

    i invited some of my ex turned friemnds..and they all acme with their partners

    1. Tht's nice. Nothing bad in it when you have an understanding ex most importantly, when you both have no emotional connection anymore.

  3. You said it all when you have no emotional connection anymore. 80% of female still feel something for their ex. For me there is no point.

    1. The reality is that, ladies reflect over their past relationship than guys.

    2. Gloria, there is no point oooooo. I can invite my ex to my wedding comfortably


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