Thursday, 17 December 2015

Tips On How To Date An Older Man And Enjoy The Relationship

Now that you've just read my last post on the five benefits of dating an older man and you are considering giving it a trial. Or maybe you've just started dating a man who is with some couples of years older than yourself for the first time but been worried that you don't know how to cope in such a relationship.The only thing that keep rocking your mind is how to avoid possible problems and challenges therein. You don't have be scared, you've already taken the best decision by dating an older man. Just read this post to learn how to cope in a relationship with older man.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Date An Older Person And Enjoy The Relationship

1) You Need To Be Patient: Even if you are in a relationship with your age mate, patience is the best virtue to be practiced. In dealing with an older man you have to be patient because you might not get all you want at the right time. He may be busy with his business, career, or politics. He is already an established man with so many commitments, therefore, he might not be able to have enough idle time to attend to you as you deserved.

Time is always the major constraint here. He may pay less attention to you in most cases which means that both of you cannot be together every time. You don't have to be annoyed that he can't respond to your chat as frequent as you want, and for not chatting with you till mid night everyday. Don't compare him with the younger ones you've dated before. You just have to understand him and take him for who is he.

2) Don't Be Intimidated: Relationship must not lack the romantic part of it. There is high tendency that things may not work out in a relationship where the other partner is being intimidated either due to age, exposure, education or the financial status of the other partner.

You don't have to say ''yes sir'' to everything he say. Let him know you both have right in the relationship, let him know you can also render him an helpful advice, you can be his helper and you can also contribute positively to his life. Then you have to be romantic, call him all those sweet names and encourage him to address you with something nice as well.  

3) You Have To Support Him: What is relationship for if not to support each other as a partner? You can't expect him to always be of support to you while you are not. So be prepared to be his supporter in his time of need. The best thing you can do to make him appreciate you is to always remain supportive to him in whatever ways.

4) Don't Always Tell Him He Is An Old School: This is always common between such relationship. Often times, you see girls dating an older men addressing them as old man. Or telling him he is an old school playing an old school music. Since you've already decided to go into the relationship, you have to forget whatever the age gap between you guys.

I'm not saying you should do all he does to catch fun. Because some of those things maybe too odd to you. You have to listen to your own latest music, watch your latest movies but don't insult him when he is to do his own. If at all you want to play about him been an old school, let it be at the minimum.

5) Give Him Time For Conversation: Older men have great communication skills which is accumulated as a result of their long term experience in life. I have many young female friends who were attracted to older men because of their great communication skills. 

Older person always create time to have a positive discussion where all your future needy would be discussed. He has plans for you and his unborn children. So don't overlook the chance.

6) Always Be Yourself: Irrespective of your age differences, you both have to appreciate yourself as you are. Do not feel intimidated to give up your own life to conform with what you think your older man wants. And don't force him to dress, eat, dance like the younger new generation guys as well. Let everyone be his/herself.
Are you dating an older person and what have I missed?


  1. i am married to an older man but with my youthfullness you can never know.i am so glad i married him.i cant deal with young boys bull crap

  2. I am married to an older man, and he thinks that dating wife i a good thing!and he is right!i am the happiest wife on earth!i love you Mike!


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