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How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Serious About Your Relationship

how to know if your boyfriend is serious in a realationship
Why do people prefer to remain in an unsecured relationship? Up till now, I still see no reason why you will be in a relationship with a guy and you are unable to define what the nature of the relationship is. Getting serious with someone is not really the issue, but having your partner taking you serious as much as you do. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know the direction from which you both see the relationship. 

You need to know if your boyfriend is serious about the relationship, and how serious he is. Most times, when a guy walks out of a relationship, they assume its normal, because initially the relationship lack direction. As a lady, you have to stop to see things from your own perspectives. You need to get him talk to you. Let him express what the relationship is like to him.

Why Is It Easy For Some Guys To Walk Out Of A Relationship?
Is it not funny when the relationship you placed all your hope on, means nothing to your partner? He never even sees it as something worth thinking about. One of my female friends told me how the relationship she has given everything to, ended just with a whatsapp chat. It was just like the guy never feel how she felt for once. ''Just a few whatsapp chat, ended our four years relationship.'' She said.

All it took the guy was a chat captioned ''Can we call it up here pls''? That opened the discussion, and in a matter of some conversations, the whole thing got out of hand and they broke up. This is only possible when you are in a relationship with someone who never take you serious and has never felt the way you feel. 
From her terrible and sad experience on how she was treated by this guy, she realized it wasn’t the guy that hurt her, but she cheated herself for not trying to confirm how serious the guy was with the relationship in the early days. She judged his love from her own perspective. 

Here are two questions you need to ask your boyfriend to determine his seriousness about the relationship.

1) Do You Really Love Me? I know you will see this as been too common and any man can simply answer 'yes' without second thought. There are certain things you need to put in place before you ask him such question to determine his seriousness.

If you want to ask him such a question, take him to a calm natural environment where you have your privacy. Introduce a topic about promise, fulfillment and betrayal. Talk about those who had once promised and failed and how they ended their lives in shame. Talk in generality with issues which are related with love and family life.

Thereafter you ask him if he loves you...Ask him and beg him never to deceive you. Tell him how you distaste lies and doing that may make it difficult for you to ever forgive him. If he insist yes. Then ask him the second and the last question.  

2) Where Do You Think This Relationship Will Get Us To? If he really loves you, he should be enthusiastic about the future. He should be able to explain what he pictures about the relationship and how he intends to make it a life thing.

Though it could sometimes be difficult to be hundred percent dependent on people's words. So you have to look more beyond what he says. You need to look deep into how he says those things, his reactions, his attitudes not just at that moment, but also always after he had said it.

Relationship is not meant to be complicated. The partners who make promises and failed are those who make things unhealthy for others. It is so common that when relationship is in its initial honeymoon phase. Most people don't look towards the future in any form. They will promise you the moon and the stars but won’t be able to deliver even a simple thing for you in the nearest future.

Therefore it becomes necessary to find out his seriousness before you commit your life in any relationship.
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