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Should I Tell My Partner About My Past? Here Are Few Things You Must Tell Your Partner In A New Relationship

Should I tell my partners about my past relationship?
It can be really confusing when it comes to what and what not to tell our partners in a new relationship. We get more confused on a daily basis as to weather we should tell our partner something about our past life or remain quite about it. To tell them what happened to our previous relationships or remain silent. 

Going into another relationship after a break up is a nice thing. At the initial stage, we usually, avoid some issues to come up in order not to affect our new relationship. It could also be because we don't think they are important to be discussed at all.

Any issue that is capable of disrupting your relationship in the nearest future needs to be discussed as soon as you both feel comfortable enough to share with each other. These discussions will give you a greater insight to the way your partner acts and responds to certain things which will, in turn, help you solve the problems that come in your relationship.

Here are few things you must discuss with your partners as soon as possible when you just got into a new relationship:

1) Your Past Relationships: The greatest mistake any one can make is hiding the fact that he/she was once in a relationship with someone before. It is important to tell your partner as soon as you feel comfortable with them, that you were once in a relationship with someone in the past. 

Brief him somethings that actually happened in the relationships, and how the whole things went. Tell them why you quit. If you opened up to them, no any demons from your past relationships is capable of haunting your new life.

Nobody can come to misinform your partner about you, because he/she is already aware of it. You don't need to hide anything about your previous relationship, be proud to tell them what happened. 

2) Your General Past Life: This may not be particular to your previous relationships. Its about telling him/her about what you've been into in the past with your life. Tell him general things he needs to know.  Don't caught your partner unaware when someone from somewhere eventually told them you smoke before.

3) Your Family: Family is always part of our life and there is no way we can hide that from our relationship. Briefly inform your new partner about your family. Don't pretend you are from royal family when you are not. Just tell them things the way they appear.

4) You Future Plans: We all know that as important as it is to know someone’s past, it is equally important to know what someone plans for their future. You discussing the future with your partner will give you a much clear idea of where you stand in their life. 

This will also help you to find out if your plans is inline with theirs. You may be the type that want as many as possible kids, while he is the type that only needs two or non. So you need to talk about this as soon as possible.

I Hope You Will Consider Doing Any Of These As Soon As Possible?

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  1. OK it's good. You have a point especially with No 4.but caution and wisdom should be apply if the relationship is very new so as not to bore your partner with too much stories. #myopinion


  2. I quite disagree with number 2 because some people can opt out of the relationship once you tell them something not palatable about your past life.

    Alabekee's Blog

  3. I only share if am not interested in the relationship to scare suitors I don't like away.anyway it didn't work for him.lol

    Bolatito’s Blog

  4. You have to let him know your past cos if he finds out himself, it's gonna be a blow on your face. Sofar you are getting serious with some1, I see no reason why you shouldn't let him know everything about you. I agree with those points biko!!!

    Chincobee’s Blog


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