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5 Serious Signs To Know That Your Man Is Not Faithful In Your Relationship

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Nothing can be traded with been lucky to have a faithful relationship. Been it for ladies or guys. This is what most ladies are busy searching for in every man they date. Only few set of ladies preferred looks and money over faithfulness. They mostly want the man they can call their own, the one who make them feel loved and secured. Most especially if they are not together in the same environments, they preferred man who can stay faithful in a long-distance relationship.

As a lady, if real love, loyalty and faithfulness is what you want in your man. Then you have to watch out for some of his attitudes. Doing this will hint you to know weather you are in a faithful relationship or not. If your guy is not faithful with you, it is very easy to know if you pay more attention to how he does his things with you and with people around you.

Note: If your guy is found of doing any of this, am sorry he might not be faithful with you.

1) You Never Know Anybody With Him: You are in a committed relationship with this guy but he never take a time out to introduce you to his friends, families or colleagues for all these years. And any attempt you make to introduce him to your people, proved abortive because he is not ready to show up.

He just preferred keeping your romance with him secret. No matter how hard you tried to make him responsible and committed in that aspect he is not ready. Am sorry, he might not be a faithful partner. So watch out.

2) His Togetherness With You Is All About Sex: I don't know if you've ever fell into this kind of relationship. A relationship where your guy doesn’t really have much to talk about, won’t ever plan out any unique romantic dates for you and the only time you’ve ever seen him happy and excited beside you is when you’re getting intimate under the bed sheet. And the minute that’s over, he becomes eager to free you.

He always wants to fast forward everything to an hour in the bedroom. He has no interesting in discussing future, your education or work with you. These kind of guys may not be a faithful type.

3) He Doesn't Remember You At All: He always claimed to be busy. He doesn't call or text if you don't. Even when you call him sometimes, he never pays attention claiming that he is too busy to attend to you. It could take him weeks of month before he take his phone to ask of your where about, and that is only when he needs you in bed again.

4) He Always Takes You For Granted:  He never sees you like someone serious to be taken as priority. He only regards you like the other area girls who deserve nothing special from him. No respect, and barely no value attached to been in relationship with him as far as he is concern.

If he has to make an important life decision, your opinion doesn't count. You are just nothing special to him, and he can take you for granted as much as he likes. He can do anything to hurt you and he won't just feel bad about it.

5) He Hides Almost Everything About Him For You: You virtually know nothing serious about this guy.
He has a password for everything in his possession. This is because your man has a lot to hide from you.

Dating a man you don't know anything about is as good as not been in any relationship. He is not been faithful, and not ready to stay faithful to you. 

You don't need to keep wasting your time, after you might have observed any or all of these in your man.

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  1. I had sex with many women during my marriage, but never did any of these things. I was, instead, upfront with her about my other relationships, and she eventually started having her own. 45 years later, we're still together, although we don't have outside relationships any more.

    1. smiles.. That's an arrangement between both of you...How are you doing sir?

    2. Well, we're boringly conventional anymore, but our younger days were exciting.

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  4. The first hint alone is enough to know that the coast isn't clear. Lol. Uthman how are you?

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