Thursday, 17 January 2019

How to Write Project Proposal for Accounting

As a final year student in any higher institution in Nigeria, you are required to submit a final year project on a particular topic related to your course of study. Though, before submitting the complete project, students are often required to submit a project proposal.

This post will tell you how to write a project proposal to be submitted to your supervisor for approval .
 So what is a project proposal?

let me asy a project proposal is unique to each project, of course, but the format is basically the same, if you follow a basic outline. We have even created a free project proposal template to help you structure your document so you don’t reinvent the wheel each time you’re drafting your proposal.

This helps you focus on the substance of the proposed plan, while using an easy-to-follow project proposal outline.

Download Accounting Project Topics and Materials

In most cases project proposals are designed to help you answer all of those questions as you complete your document. Our project proposal Word template, for example, is broken up into these six basic parts:
  1. Executive Summary: Think of this as the elevator pitch, it sketches out the project in a way to hook the sponsor.
  2. History: Put the project in context, note any precedents and how they can help or hurt the project’s success.
  3. Requirements: Describe in detail the business problem the project solves or what opportunity does it take advantage of.
  4. Solution: Explain the plan to solve the problem or exploit the opportunity.
  5. Authorization: Note the people who have authorization throughout the project.
  6. Appendix: This is where you attach papers supporting your proposal.

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