Thursday, 14 July 2016

Four Reasons Why Some People Keep Trying But Will Never Succeed

Why has it been so difficult for some people to just make it in life in whatever thing they do. No matter how simple and easy it is to make  it in a particular aspect of life, they can't. What others found so, can  be as tough as hell for them.  Do you ever think why? Do You think everything is right with them?

Why do you think an ordinary person should tried business after businesses, job after job, blogs after blogs, schools after schools and could not even be successful in any of them and yet you think everything is right? 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Five Questions To Ask Yourself Which Determines If You Are To Get Loan

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Is there anything we can do in this life without having financial strength? I guess you know there is non...On a daily basis, we have reasons to go into business, build a home, get an apartments, buy a new car, pay school fees or execute a particular project. Some projects or businesses are more capital intensive to another, therefore we often need cash more than what we can finance alone.

Since we don't have enough money, in most of these instances, we might need to source for finance outside our own purse. We might need to contact a second or third party for loan or any financial assistance. This is what we can call a loan and the process of  getting it is not what we can take unserious. 

How To Learn Skills Online For Free And Use It To Make Money For Yourself

How To Learn Skills Online For Free And Use It To Make Money For Yourself
Gone are those days...when you hardly learn anything without physical contact with your instructors or teachers. They have to be present to teach you everything you need to be productive in that particular aspect. In recent, with the available of internet and technology, you can learn, teach and instruct others online.

The internet has provided a platform from which you can learn anything, I mean anything your mind goes to. For free, I mean without paying a dine to any instructor in as much as you have your available gadgets and internet connection, maybe with a note book and Biro. 

Monday, 23 May 2016

How Long Does It Takes To Get Over First Love And How To Get Over First Love After Years

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Can someone ever get over his/her first love break up? If Yes. When and how can I stop reflecting over the pains I've past through in the break up? Someone asked me this question a couple of weeks ago, I answered her immediately, but I have not been opportune to post it here for others to benefit from it. So with this post, am just going to do that.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Four Reasons Why You Are Adding More Weight Without Control

Four Reasons Why You Are Adding More Weight Without Control
Your clothes are feeling snug everyday, and you can't even tell the reason for it. Do you know why you are getting fat and keep adding more weight on a daily basis? Are you worried about this and you actually have no idea of what could be the reason? Are you feeling like, its what you eat that makes you add fat incessantly without control? Let me tell you the simple truth... You adding weight is not just what you're eating.

Surprised?...I know you must have been told or read this several times. Let me tell you more. 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Four Signs Your Partner Wants To Break Up With You Soon

Four Signs Your Partner Wants To Break Up With You Soon
Relationship is great and wonderful when you are with someone committed, responsible and loving. You feel so good and secured because of the romantic atmosphere you will always find yourself emotionally. It makes you assume that your relationship is going to be the one that would actually last for ever and result to marriage. You feel like this one special person wouldn’t be like all the others that has left you heartbroken in the past.

Unfortunately, when that special one finally breaks up with you, left you heartbroken and make all your delusions come crashing down without hope, you would be greatly shocked. You will feel like the world has to end, feel suicidal or completely depressed.