Saturday, 6 April 2013

Welcome Back To Campus For Another Academic Session

Despite the whole challenges in the previous semester, it’s a joyful thing seeing you guys backed to school with full courage and the look of hope. For those who are by one way or the other been affected by GNS/GSE issues… I must say, It’s a mere challenge and believe me, it will soon become a story. 
If you are my type, 

I believed you might have highlighted some of the problems you encountered in the last semester and ask yourself some of the following questions. Are you thetype that don’t easily understand all the courses you study? Are you the type that don’tlike all the lecturers that come your way? Or you are the type that don’t succeed in everything you do at first time? If your answers to any of these is YES, that’s okay, and you need not worrying because some of the most successful people in the world are the one who had the highest numbers of failure. All you need doing is to be focused and never lose hope.
The truth is, being successful is hard, most especially in an academic environment like ours, but you can’t let your problems define you; you only let them teach you what to do next time you are to try. Don’t be discouraged and never entertain FEAR because the greatest enemy of success is FEAR.

 The moment some results were released, many students have started doubting their success by asking themselves some sort of questions like,can I really graduate with my desire G.P? etc. but the real thing is, you just have to continue in spite of all these difficulties or lack of success. 

Nothing is impossible, when you look around the world, every great city, every monument; every historical feat was once pure imagination until they were brought to reality.  Remember, you can’t drop out of school and drop into good job. Many times, our dreams and plans appear not to work as planned and we are tempted to give up. Remember the saying that quitters never win and winner never quit.

Hold on to your dream, don’t let go the dreams and you can still make it happen. If only you will display perseverance and endurance you will reap the harvest. The path to greatness and academic excellence is a path of consistence sacrifice of time, resources, energy and pleasure. Note, the road to success is always under construction.
Less I forget, you are welcome to the most challenging semester designed with so many activities that are capable of carrying students away. Wishing you success and all the best.

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