Saturday, 3 January 2015

Benefits Of Being Patient In Life

PATIENCE said ''if you use me as water to boil a stone I can make it soft enough, suitable for food'' with patience you can dry the ocean, what is not enough can become
more than enough.

But as against the old saying, ''a patient dog eats the fattest bone'' now we think ''a patient dog has no bone to eat and DIE of hunger''

Let just remember that ''endurance changes the hardest trial into glory, bcos it enable us to see the goal beyond the pain'' we must never forget that to achieve your God given purpose in life, all you need is endurance, a little waiting, a little patience, a little hold on, to see success where others are seeing defeat, to see light where there is total darknes and to see ways where others say there is no way.

Gone are those days for me, when things were very tough as if is the end of the world, but just a matter of Time, now is like those days are gone forever.

No matter the difficulties we are faced with for now, believe me, if you av enough patient Time will solve the problems. Then you will av the cause to smile and smile again.

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