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How to get the right relationship from online dating

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Hmmm...why will you have to cry all night to bed because you've actually failed despite all efforts to bring out the best result from online dating. You keep dating people hoping that one of these days, you will find the right person that will make the greatest online relationship with whom you can both plan your lives as the best couple. But this is not coming real any longer, is like this is not taking you anywhere and its as if you are only wasting time and resources. You always sees it like a bad luck, you feel like you are lost in the whole online dating of a thing.

The mistake you are making.
Let me start to tell you that, you are not yet ready to be out of this problem if only if you believe its a matter of luck, or you attribute your failure to one old woman as an African. You are probably making a great mistake, although you are nite aware of it. If you think things are not working fine in your dating pattern, don't say its a matter of bad luck, its just time for you yo review how you do things and believe me; its possible you are already really mixing up feelings. If you think well, you may be surprise of the mistakes you've been making that is obstructing your success. Let me now tell you how to find out what the problem is.

Finding out the problems
Have you ever ask yourself what actually you are looking for in a relationship, what are your needs and desires, what are the compulsory qualities such online lover must have before you fall in love? Answering these questions will prevent you from staying on the dating scene for too long. Its necessary you know why you are in a relationship and it must not be that, you just need a company and someone must feel the vacant gap in your heart without meeting the requirements.

You must also be sure that you are not mistaking online casual dating for a serious emotional relationship.... Its dangerous. Are you sure he/her is not just playing on you yo while away time? Do you think its a relationship capable of been emotionally attached? The real thing is, in the online dating scene, most relationships are unrealistic and as such lead to nowhere. Am sure this may not too sound good to your hearing, but that's how it goes.

Make sure you go for credibility in men /women to date instead of making cash or car your priority. You must have an achievable desires. Assume the guy you are gonna date is neither Bill Gate nor Dangote  even though his d.p appears as one. The common mistakes people make is having a wrong assumption about their online lovers, taking him/her for an exceptional super being. So when they eventually chanced to meet eachother, disappointment set in because the lover is just like ordinary guy or lady on the street.

Finally, if you have made up your mind and contented with the person you date, read my earlier post titled ''my experience on long distance relationship'' it will surely guide you on how to keep an healthy online relationship.

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