Monday, 12 January 2015

How To Make Proper Career Plan For Future

Do you think it would be so funny haven taken a four years university journey and only to be told at the labour market that ''sorry you boarded the wrong flight four years ago''? Many students takes life as it comes and hope to meet the future awaiting them awaiting them on good ground.

Its no longer new to you and I that thousand of students are in school without making a second thought of where their courses of study will get them to. Take a proper look at the world today, some courses are not just fit in to
any sector of the economy. Most times, the rush to get admission does jot only frustrate students but does not allow them to give a second thought to the courses they are generously offered.

All they do is jumping up in celebration, saying ''after all, only me out of 20 applicants in my community go admitted''. As far as am concerned you can study any course but where do you think that course will take you to? and what are you doing to increase your chances out there?

Do you think your employers will listen to this your usual lame excuses that '' I wanted studying law, but they game me sociology or some will say ''I supposed to be an accountant but they game me religion studies''?

Why will you depend on what you were given, its your life and you must be responsible for it. The future does not understand those lame excuses. I also understand that with connections, you can be fix in and get a job, but you can't be given a doctor's appointment once you are not one; and you cannot be appointed a judge or an accountant only because you are a graduate, rather its required you to be a specialist on those fields and in fact you must be professionally qualified.

Am not here to discourage you with what you do presently, but to tell you that you can rebrand  yourself, redirect your destiny and turn local zobo to coke. you are the main determinant of your destiny not your course of study and you can make great success out of anything you believed in.

If you have decided that the current path you are on is not the path that could lead you to achieve your dreamt future, congratulations its not too late. Just start by investing your idle time on a profitable venture and taking every available skills that could aid you to achieve your desired life in future.

For those who are just about to fill their UTME form, get an academic councillor who is capable of leading you through a successful academic life journey.

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