Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Office Romance: The good and the bad

'The lady/guy in the next cubicle to mine in the office has began to look awfully attractive to you. You are confused of what to do. If you decided to pursue your interest in her and it actually worked out; good. what if it turns around and you still have to work under the same roof, the same office probably for many years as ex lovers. How are you gonna feel and will the office gossip sound like about you?''

People fall in and out of love everyday in office which is ordinarily meant to pursue their carriers
and earn a living. Office romance is not what people plan for, its only comes up, it spark easily because of the proximity, frequency and availability of much free eye to eye contact. you have so many things in common with your interest coworker; and when you add the sexual attraction, that makes it look like LOVE to you. You are now bothered and confused on what to do because of many things running your mind concerning it. Though the lady/guy in question has given you all signs of interest as well.

Am here to help you out, to get you out of this doubt and to guy you to remain your job and still go on office romance. Office romance isa free and common thing, workers get into it everyday and everyday people are fired at office because of the mess from office romance. This is how to do it without been fired. If you must fall in love in your office with that your co worker, consider the following:

 1) Be familiar with the company's policy: Some companies have strict policies against dating co workers; some companies will go so far as to terminate the offending couple's appointments. some companies ignore it. Still other encourage it. Believe me, if you must date in office, it is never wise to date someone who is your boss as a guy...and for the ladies dating your boss may look somehow sexual harassment to people.

2)Set rules for each other: As soon as you commit yourselves into office romance, both of you must discuss and agreed on how to handle the Affairs around office, and what you will do if things don't work out well. You must both be matured if you want to keep your lucrative jobs. Don't risk your careers for the sake of a romance that might not out.

3)Be focused and professional: When people in the office started noticing a strange closeness between both of you, Surely gossip will go round. they may even accuse you of favoritism and the likes if you are the boss datinga lady out ten in the office. Some are naturally jealous like me, some really want you but could not make it. so many things will come up just be focused and professional. It is never a good idea to discuss your romantic life with co-workers, because moat times it lead to mockery and the like, it could even be made headline in the office gossip meeting. And you know how easy that could break down your relationship and even tanish your repute.

Finally, office dating can be fun but often times it turns out to be something terrible a sad life experience, because of the mockery and the disrespectfulness. So be wise and know who you are going into a relationship with,its possible he or she might have dated someone else in the same office before you were employed and they now see eachother as Ex.

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