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My NYSC Orientation Camp Experience In Osun State.

NYSC Orientation camp experience with all the social activities
Morning Exercise
The joy of every Nigerian youths in Higher institutions of learning is to one day be a graduate and be mobilized for the compulsory NYSC immediately. As an accounting students who had to write and submit accounting project topics and material, it was not easy. I could not be counted out of this kind of anticipation. So immediately after  my convocation in University of Ilorin on 23rd of Oct 2014, all on my mind then was to be given the called up letter and I headed straight to Nysc camp to enjoy the fullest of all kind of fun as most ex corps members do describe camp as the paradise of all Nigerian Youths.

So I started seeking idea to know which NYSC orientation camp is the best in Nigeria, wanted to know when is the NYSC orientation camp going to be opened, various addresses and location of  NYSC Camps In Nigeria so on.

My First Disappointment
On first of Nov. 2014, the day which we were all meant to appear in school for collection of our call up letter. I was one of the first people to get there, because I've already arranged my load and was not expecting to wait any longer once I got the letter before leaving to my state of deployment which I believed will be a far Northern state.

So I said a goodbye to every one at home when leaving to school as I was so sure I would have left before they come back. They started sharing the letter and most of my good friends were either posted to Jigawa, Benue or Taraba so I was expecting something of such too.

While waiting, the issue of NYSC federal allowance increment to #49800 or #38,000 came up. We also talked extensively on  NYSC state allowance for each State of the federation. Analysing from the highest paid state to the lowest.

Some classmates could not come out with a call up letters because their own was not found, so I started been scared and all on my mind then was let my letter be there, even though its gonna Sambisa forest, I can't go back home to tell stories.

I later got the later and it was a joyful moment for me as most people were congratulating me. I was posted to Osun State, which with just #400 the transport fair is settled. Very closed to my state and one of the most peaceful and best states in Nigeria for NYSC scheme.  Plus anticipated State allowance.

My greatest disappointments was to read the letter and found out that I was to resume camp by 26th of Nov. instead of the scheduled 4th for others. I was meant to know that all people posted to Osun would resume on 26th because we are stream II. Its was really painful, but no option than to go back home and gently wait till that day.

NYSC Camp Early Arrival
As any camp hungry youth will do, I was one of the first people in the camp on that 26th. Getting to the camp's gate, soldiers were already there checking us in. So one of them checked my call up letter, my ID card, my bag and myself and he said '' Kai otondo copper carry your bag for head and run this way".

I was somehow reluctant as I have done nothing wrong to deserve punishment, the next question from him was "I am crazy? run... in a very louder harsh voice. I just ran with my bag and bocket on my head towards the Que.

Ede camp was one of the best, many facilities were in place. While I was on the Que to get bed space, I overheard guys discussing on how many packets of condom they brought, how they were meant to finish ladies in the camp and the likes because they believed sex is free in camp. They also argued on NYSC Federal allowance increment. Whether it has been approved by the senate or not.

Haven gotten the bed, I headed straight to the hall for registration at around 11a.m and was unable to leave registration ground until past ten in the night without completing my registration. I've never experience such a long Que in my life... queue for 11 hours and could not still be done. I only survived on Viju milk for the whole day without any other thing. We were all so tired after the reg.

Everyone looking so tired

NYSC Swearing In Program
At exactly 4a.m the following morning, a very serious loud strange sound(bugle) woke everybody up even though we just slept around past two. Before we know what's going on we were already  surrounded by soldiers and sent us all to the parade ground with whatever was on our body, because it was the first morning parade and many of us have not gotten our kits yet. Now on the parade ground, so dark, you can't even see the face of the man next to you.

The camp director followed by the state coordinator's addresses came up and we were meant to know that all activities in the camp was regimented as we don't have our time any longer once the bugle is blown. if you are eating you are wrong, sleeping, walking, washing, praying you are still wrong.

The bugle sound dictate what to do not us. After their addresses, soldiers took over and started training us for swearing in parade. So so stressful, strange and confusing because I've never experience any military training in before.

With three days of rigorous training morning and evening, we became a bit perfect and we were sworn in by the state governor, after which our #1500 transport allowance was paid, subsequently we received #1000 for bicycle allowance and our main #19800 was not paid until some days to leave camp. That was when our hope of receiving federal government allowance increment was murdered.

NYSC swearing at camp
swearing day

NYSC Daily Camp Activities
We do wake up by 3a.m to get prepared and get dressed before the bugle, otherwise soldiers will catch you unaware and that could lead to squatting and severed punishment. By 4a.m we are expected to be at the parade ground for morning devotion and parade till 7.30am. Breakfast follows immediately
Kitchen things
and by 9a.m another is blown for a program in the hall till two p.m when we are expected to go for lunch till 3.30pm before bugle for evening parade is blown and that will end by 7p.m. when we will be going for dinner in the kitchen with our meal tickets.

By 8p.m evening programs begins and ends by 10p.m and that's when the last bugle is blown for us to retire to bed for the day. But most times we don't sleep in hostel till past one because some guys would have been drunk from Miami market will come back to disturb us with arguments...either on football or  politics.
<Parade in nysc camp>
Parade ground

NYSC Camp's Social Activities
During the last week of our staying in camp was the social week, which was expected to be rounded up with camp fire night. The night which most guys and ladies had been patiently waiting for to relieve themselves. Some hours to that program, in my hostel, some guys were already bringing out their packets of condoms, calling various ladies on how to get a perfect hidden place for fire for fire operation that night.

It was not strange to me anyway, right from home I was familiar with the stories of ladies bra, pants, used condoms flying round the camp in the next morning to the camp fire night. But to our greatest surprised, the camp commandant; captain Sabo stopped all fire night activities by 12 midnight and sent everyone back to hostel with soldiers.

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The same activities I heard ended by 4a.m in some states and they were not fully monitored like us. So that night, guys just package their condoms back to their bags unused. I was in platoon six, and our platoon did so well in all competitions.
<NYSC canp fire night>

Camp Passing Out
On 15th of Dec. 2014. was the last day in the camp and it was another stressful day. Everybody body has been drained and we were all eager to leave the camp. Ordinarily, mattresses were meant to be submitted at the early hour of that day;  by 4a.m to say...

But we all woke up as early as 1a.m and fully kitted (7/7)  wanted to submit mattress. Though the camp officials were not out till the scheduled time. After the submission we went to the parade ground to wait for the governor to pass us out.

Posting letters were given after the passing out parade, some were crying because they were posted to school in the villages despite all their lobby during the camp to be posted to the state capital (Oshogbo). I and my first friend(Nurudeen) were both posted to the same town (Ikirun).

Ikirun is not really the state capital but one of the biggest town in the state and very close to Oshogbo. Hmmm camp was full of stress and as a matter of fact, the three weeks was my most stressful weeks in my life.
<passing Out day in nysc camp>
waiting for posting letters
Though I enjoyed the companies of my old friends that we met in camp, I also made new friends as well, my hostel guys were fun to be with, they don't steal  items except water, little were drunkard. I enjoyed all the Man O War activities.

I like the 6/6 bugle blowing for Nigeria to sleep and wake up, the OBS was fun, the camp officials were like parents to us most especially the state coordinator but I hate the soldiers' parade because they do insult us like kids and the too early morning wake up...


  1. What a wonderful experience at the camp. Congrats!

  2. Hmmm, Perfect. I hope sooner I ll also share such amazing experience to my love one arround me as u do bro !congrat....

    1. Thanks...By God's grace, you shall share a wonderful experience with your lovers too. Thanks for your comment.


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