Saturday, 21 February 2015

How to keep an heathy relationship with your lovers.

For so many single ladies out there, what they only have to be rescue from is their attitude... One need not to worry much on why so many matured ladies are yet to get fist, because the reason is not far fetch. It's simply because the definition
of their dream husband can not be easily found among the young guys of our time and some even lack the attitude of keeping a healthy love affairs.

 I realized that a lot of singles are so particular about finding the right person that they drain all their energy in the search, but when he surfaces, little or nothing is done to sustain the relationship. It is not getting into a relationship that matters. As a matter of fact, that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is one thing to find a relationship,it is another thing to sustain it. Staying in a relationship needs a lot of work. And for most singles, that is where they miss it.

You see, although love cements a relationship it takes much more than love to sustain it. As an individual, you need to work on improving your strengths, thereby downplaying your weaknesses.

My sister, love is not just enough. You need more than love to sustain a relationship. Ask our parents that have been married for years, they will tell you. Relationship is a lot of work. You have to work on improving your relationship, line of communication and fire of love. So I advise all singles to work on themselves. If you think you’ve found the right person, then don’t take him for granted because we are meant to love and be loved in return.

That is the only way a relationship can stand the text of time. Some sisters have terrible attitude that is a put- off for prospective spouses. Yeah, like a  lady who so wanted to have a serious Relationship  so that she can settle down, she got one and almost out of it again because she never thought that managing an healthy relationship is so tough than the effort in getting it started.

As a lady have you ever asked yourself that; what is that attitude that you have which is not helping you to settle down when we ought to. You need to make a conscious effort to dump them. You need to deliberately strive towards being a better person.
Talking about attitude, for some people, their own attitude that’s not making them settle is their aura. The aura around some ladies can be a put-off to their would-be sister-in-law and brother-in-law. Please, let’s learn to put our best foot out. Don’t try to break family bonds. Love is never enough. Get a good attitude that fosters relationship.

Some have lost potential husbands because of their attitude of not trying to improve their own life, but hoping that the man will do everything for them. A woman is a not a liability. If a man needs a liability, then he can get a luxury car and maintain it. Even that car has brand equity on its owner because he will be perceived as a successful man, especially in the kind of society we are in. Strive to build yourself, so that your partner can be proud of you.

I am not saying a guy shouldn’t care for the lady he says he loves. Of course, he should, but don’t become lazy. Aspire to leave a meaningful life. I can go on and on and talk about attitude that are not helpful to sustaining a relationship. Matters of the heart are a very serious issue and require constructive advice that will foster a good marriage.

The reason why there are tons and tons of divorce cases today is because of the problem of choice. A lot of people make the wrong decision when picking Ya spouse.  Having a good relationship begins with picking the right person.

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