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My First Time Experience On The Journey To Kaura Namoda.

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Entrance To Kaura Namoda
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rest his head on his old, familiar pillow.

The recent twenty one days visit of my friends to Zamfara state for their NYSC orientation program is a rider that reflect my memory back to my first time in higher institution-and it's about the journey I made to Kaura Namoda in Zamfara State.

The News Of My Admission
Precisely 2007, when we traveled home for Salah festival, my brother received one of the most inciting call from his friend informing him that my admission into pre-degree program is successful and am expected to resume school as earlier as possible.

That night, I could not sleep as my heart was filled with joy and anticipation to start the journey almost immediately after the festival. My mind was just full of imagination as to how my journey to Zamfara state would look like.

Preparation To Take Off
In about two days to take off my journey, I was busy arranging all my items. Not because I had lot of items to choose from, but because I simply was not sure of what exactly to take along with Me. So I spent most of the day parking. At first, I stuffed all my jalabiyas in my travelling bag because I heard Zamfara is a Sharia state.

At the same time, most of my jeans and suits were out of it because they look too western. Ankara and lace were too Yoruba, so I removed them. At the end of it all, my mum and my aunty filled my bags with all they bought for Me. When I was about to set out for my journey On that faithful Morning, my family members decided to pray for me and wish me well.

The prayer was so serious, seeing us, one would have been convinced that I was going to Sambisa forest without arms. After the prayer session was a serious set of warnings. ''don't keep bad friends'', ''watch your step'', don't smoke or take alcohol and so forth. I was almost been discouraged with all these warnings. At last, I boarded a bus and headed straight to the desert land.

Now Commenced The Journey
After several hours of journey, I had a stopover in Kaduna and took off the following morning. Upon arriving at Gusau; the state capital, the first greeting I received was the blazing sun. I was meant to know the the school was not in the state capital but in the ancient city of Kaura Namoda. Which was an hour journey to the state capital.

As at then, the road to Kaura Namoda was still ancient and old enough to be reconstructed. This is because most of the bridges were so tiny that can only take one car at a time. Though the road was not in good shape, but the journey was enjoyable, it was fun to Me. 

I never set my sight on the happening in the car but rather focused outside watching some strange natural phenomenon. I enjoyed watching the magnificence of the baobab trees scattered along the horizon and the occasional appearance of some farmers travelling with children these children were either pulling or riding donkeys, conveying farm produce; they looked so tired but with some sour smiles on their faces waving at travelers in the cars.

I never see such before in my life. Our first road block was not by police but the car had to stop for a drive of donkeys to cross the road. While our second stop was at Kasuwa Daji, which is one of the most prominent market along Kaura Namoda's road.

My Arrival Into Kaura Namoda

At about 4pm we drove into the ancient City of Kaura Namoda, I was dropped in front of The federal polytechnic Kaura Namoda where I was meant to call one of the school's staff with whom I will manage till after my registration and secure my own apartment.

Unfortunately, his number was switched off and I tried it for more than 3hours but not reachable. While I was still trying his number I remembered that I saw some women not putting on Hijab in the state capital even though I never really pay attention to them, but on getting to kaura Namoda, precisely in the area where the school is located, some were still not using hijab.

After some series of questions to a student, it became clear to Me that wearing of Hijab in that part of the country was simply a matter of choice though the state was a Sharia state. Contrary to the stories we do hear about the state. That night, I was accommodated by a student named Emmanuel because I could not reach the man.
Federal poly's gate
The indigenes were made up of Hausa/fulanis known as Zamfarawas. Kaura Namoda is a community of people who go about their businesses calmly, and those who are farmers enjoyed doing that for a living. Their major source of internal transportation were bicycle, motorcycle, camels, and donkey.
Indigen on a donkey
They also use most of these animals for farm operation. Their way of pronunciation made it difficult for Me to understand their Hausa immediately until some months after.

At the early hour of the following Morning, Emmanuel woke me up that we had to get water to take our baths and dress up to school so that I can commence the registration. Using a hand pump to get water out of a borehole in that early morning hour served as morning exercise in that area.

On our way to the school's permanent site which is some kilometers away to the main town, we passed a ton of farmland, and I was informed that Zamfara farms are used to grow millet, beans, corn and the people also raise animals for sale.
Means Of Getting Water

The registration was the first stressful exercise have ever been mandated to do, as everything in that school was manual and all students has to pass through series of Que to get registered. In the nearest future. I hope to write more on this to share my three years experience  in that desert.

Though after the program, I think I left a bit of my heart in Kaura Namoda, always looking forward going back there. 

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