Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine day in the hand of Nigerian youths

For many Nigerian youths, Valentine day is perceived as a love festival- a day of unlimited and carefree sexual activities, a freedom day for unguided alcohol and drug consumption. In fact, when I was young, to me is it a day to ensure one has a lover to share gifts items and possibly hand out with.

However, many youths are ignorant
of its origin. Since the general election previously scheduled on that February 14, had been postponed, there is a high tendency that youths participation in this year Valentine day will come as usual. Therefore, there is a need for us to understand the implications and the risks involved in celebrating Valentine day with immorality.

Actually, nobody has a clear ideal as to who is Saint Valentine. From all I've read on his lifestyle and history, there is no single agreement between the historians concerning Valentine day celebration. Don't let me bore you with different version of his history.

Valentine's day Implications
Valentine day does not come and go without its social/spiritual implications among youths. Due to unreasonable feelings of love that one has for a short period of time that goes along with the day, and then coupled with the immoral expression of such love.

Adolescent girls and boys express their love for each other by exchanging flowers and gifts as a token of love on this day. Most of the times, they indulged in immoral acts under the pretext of Valentine day. I keep asking myself if real love require this superficial display and can it be confined to just one day? And why young students of schools and colleges are falling prey to this deception?

Among the implications of Valentine day celebration is frustration in the hearts of young Nigerian ladies who got marriage proposal on Valentine day from guys but since then never see any signal of seriousness from him again. This is so because to the guy, it became necessary to keep someone as a lover only for val day And nothing special attached. This practice results in a long lasting negative effect on any lady and it affect their career.
Other possible negative implications of this celebration are unwanted pregnancy leading to abortion, contraction of STDs, emotional disorder and breakup as a result of financial incapability to exchange gifts for ones lovers.

Finally, the time has come when all youths have to be thought about the depth in the divine meaning of love. Let them be aware that, real love is not meant to be celebrated in just one day of the year and Valentine is just a western idea. If need be to celebrate love on Valentine day, common sence and morality  is expected to be applied and they must not be financially indebted because of Valentine.

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