Friday, 17 April 2015

How to avoid been heartbroken by the person you love

"The saddest thing about love is that it cannot last forever, but the heartbreak left by it cannot be forgotten." Are you tired of moving out of one relationship to another? How often do you have an heartbreak and what actually are you still getting wrong? How sure are you that going into a new relationship with that new guy will not also let you down as usual? Lastly, as a lady what are you still failing to get right for you to have a wonderful romantic life?  

This very post is more or less like a response to an allegation from a lady towards my post titled why some ladies will remain single for life, a lady on my email got the message so personal and she asked why always ladies and why won't I write about these wicked guys outside that break ladies hearts
.As for me, no guy is capable of breaking your heart except you let him, so its on this note I decided to write on the signals for you to know an heartbreak is approaching.

Most times ladies fall into trap and eventually heartbroken because they keep missing the red flags that would have helped steer them away from terrible heartbreak.

Here are some of the signals in relationship that a lady must observe to avoid been heartbroken.

1) A guy seeming too good to be real: Whenever you are dating this new guy and he seems too good to be true. He always pick interest in exactly what you are interested in, agrees with you unnecessarilly, does what you want always and never fight with you even when you are very wrong. Believe me, this kind of guy is not in his real sense with you, he is just full of pretense and such kind of silent guy will leave you when you are least expected.

2) Overwhelming love at first sight: How real is love at first sight and how possible could someone seen you for the first time developed such a high degree of emotion for you? Do you think such love is real? Remember he doen't really know you yet; he is only an admirer of that your wonderful look. So once you notice such in a guy please be careful.

3) Telling too much lies to please you: A guy who always please you by telling you several lies will not stay long with you, this is because no man have the retentive memory capacity to be a consistent liar for ever. The moment you noticed him with just too much lies and he is found of answering your questions with another questions. Believe me such kind of guys will be a cheater. So don't be surprised when he eventually drop you.

4)If you have this guy and he doen't want to say anything about his ex at all, you noticed him to be always resentful and full of anger about his ex...hmmm he is lying.  

If any of these signals is found in your guy's attitude, be aware that if you go forward and continue with such relationship you are at risk of been disappointed. Nobody can make you sad, but you can vuctimize yourself by allowing any guy to take advantage of your weakness. As a lady you need not to force yourself on anyone who cares not about you because so many guys out there care they are just not opportuned to approach you yet.

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