Sunday, 26 April 2015

Why Most Men Cheat Even Though They Value Their Marriage

The truth is that 78 per cent of married men cheated, ‘even though they claimed that they loved and intended to stay with their partner for life. The most amazing thing is that most of them who do still want to stay with their partner – they just want to have more sex on the side. Prone to wander: A sociologist says that if and when men cheat, it's only to fulfill carnal desire.

 The wrong impression and assumption of some men is that if they can find a woman who is attractive enough, they will never stray. This is one of the many drivers of the male animal’s search for a very attractive mate, but clearly that idea has some problems.

 The problem is not only peculiar to the poor or unsuccessful men alone the fact is that famous and successful men do fall into this trap and they seem to be willing to burn down their marriage and career for the pleasures of such an affair.

 The continuous high increase in the rate of cheating actually inspired me and I keep asking myself  variety of interesting questions about men's behavior. Why do they do it, when they seem to have everything at home but yet still searching for problem?  These are some of the reasons why men cheat even though they still want to keep their happy home save:

 1. Too high expectation of guys from the woman: Some men believe if they could get hooked with a very attractive and well educated lady as a wife, their problems are solved and unfortunately most women will not be able to meet up and this eventually result to cheating. At this time, their wife’s attractiveness has nothing to do with it.

Men may even go after less attractive women outside in search of that expectation to be met.  This just proves that trying to find the most attractive mate is a silly exercise. Once the marriage gets going, how attractive the people are has no bearing on how happy, sad, honest or faithful they will be.

 2.   No woman can be beautiful enough to keep a man faithful. There has to be something else at play to have him remain fully committed to the relationship. Some women are more or less like a burden to their husband, they have no contribution in whatever way to their matrimonial... The moment man perceive his wife as a liability  in his neck, the problem begins because he will always want yo get out of it and so many resulted to keeping unnecessary female friends outside which later result to cheating.

3.  To some men cheating is natural and they can't do without it. Some men believe that, Men can only be faithful if they are left with no options. If they have no opportunity to cheat, they won’t, but if they have its a must they do. To this categories of men, no matter how pretty, how productive and how hardworking their wives are, they will still be found cheating because they consider cheating to be natural and normal for men, yet they value their matrimonial and they won't won't anything wrong to happen to it as a result of such affairs.

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