Friday, 22 May 2015

Finding a spouse is becoming so difficult

Marriage is a business where you invest your is indeed the biggest investment anyone can make, because it has a great return in someone's life and existence. The best decision anyone can make is getting married to the right person  at the right time as doing this is the only way of living a happy home. As important as getting a good and reliable spouse is, Personally overtime I've observed that getting a good spouse is far more so difficult than getting a good job.

I can categorically said, that men and women are not in short supply, but the only thing I can't really understand, is why there  are shortage of spouses?
This is just a signal that, there is a serious problem and there is something that urgently needed to be done. If as tough as getting a job in Nigeria, someone can still scape through and get a better one but  yet for several years he/she could not get someone responsible to marry, then we should perceive a terrible problem.
What has actually go wrong if someone is ready to offer her love but there is nobody who is willing to love her in return. As I was surfing through the internet early this morning, I stumbled on this post on a lady's wall written as thus...

"I' am 32. A nice person. My dream in life is been married. I know I would make a good and responsible wife. I am not a jealous type, am not a pushover, yet I would devote myself to making sure my husband is a happy man despite my lucrative job. 

All I need in return is someone who will show me love and make me feel secured and save. Most of my friends have gotten married with kids, and yet I cannot find any one. Why is it so difficult to find a good spouse? Or is this happening to me alone?"

On a personal reflection, I felt so bad for this young lady because I believe, for her to have summon  such a courage to voice out her problem, this problem has realy dealt with her feelings. The fact is this, there are still wonderful people to marry around us, where we live, where we work and where we worship and to some extent around the internet we have many of them. If you can't find a spouse and he/she cannot find you, it means there some steps you need to take.

I advise someone who is seriously in need of a responsible relationship to take all or any of the following step and I believe it will yield positively.

1) Attend Weddings: It so sad that so many young people don't fancy attending wedding event due to some flimsy reasons well known to them. It is a proven fact that you can meet potential mates in wedding events than any other social events like clubs or bar.

So if you have a friend or family members who invite you to their wedding, its advisable you attend as it won't be only to the advantage of the couple but also to you who may be lucky to find your life partner at the event. Though am not searching but I'v imbibed the spirit of attending weddings if not for anything but to familiarize myself with Nig
erians wedding in case am ready for mine.

2) Arranged wedding: It is so unfortunate that youths now misinterprete this concept of wedding to force wedding. These are not the same in any way. In an arranged marriage the parents choose their son or daughter's future spouse with only a little input from the soon to be newly-weds. If either the son or daughter refuses the choice, the parents tend to respect their wishes, and will find someone else.

The main motivation factor in such marriages is the happiness of the son or daughter, but the and this has always be of help in those days. It always work out well then because parents are already familiar with what will work and what won't and this save their children from making hug marital mistake.

Mind you, as the case may be, is not only parent that can arrange such kind of a wedding nowadays, It could be between friends to friends. colleagues or even school mate. We don't do this any longer and some youths cannot even open up their friends or parents talkless of allowing such to happen.

If you are stil searching for a life partner, try to give this a trial today, tell someone to tell somebody that you are single today and you will see how fast it will yield result.

 3) Patronize Religious houses: In getting a spouse, one criterion to seriously give consideration is your commitment to God and how familiar are you to members of your church or mosque. Being familiar with the members of such Mosque or Church will give you an insight on those opposite sex who are still single and probably may be searching.

Try to relate well with your God and people and your problem will be solved solved. Atlest in many occasions we've seen happy couples who are brought together by their religion folds.

 4) Search on the Internet: Smiling...I know someone will be surprise seen this among my suggestion but honestly internet help most times to get a befitting spouse especially for those who are not in the same vicinity. The truth is this, on a daily basis people who are focused are getting hooked up on the Internet and its yielding good results. Why can't you? Read my post on how to avoid online dating scamas this will definitely guide you in making such decision.

There are lot of benefits and lot more from loving and being loved, so one must take it very serious and as a point of duty in getting such a wonderfuls spouse. The idea is, being lucky to find someone who appreciate and care for you, is more profitable than getting the best job.

 Hope this help?

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