Tuesday, 12 May 2015

How I Get Things Done

To achieve greatness in whatever you do in life, you must be determined, then pursue the determination with proper planning. Those mentors or celebrities we so much admired did so much to get that achieved. It has not been easy anyway.

It's funny because many readers seem to think I am a super productive and tireless someone. But sincerely, I get lazy some times, I sleep and I don't work all night, I take naps, I read stuff on internet when I get hooked on anything.

Yet I still get things done, enough that it appears to people that I'm super productive. I would like to share some of the behind-the-scene of my daily routine that makes me get things done easily.

Am just someone like everybody only that I plan to achieve my determination through hard work and persistence. Won't it be funny when you meet a fully grown up person seeking advise on how to spend his day? But honestly is possible. People are found to have great ideas but lack the way out to get it done. They failed because they failed in time management. The few things I do are as follows:

Waking up as early as possible every morning: You may think this one is simple and common. Its only a man without much to achieve in this life that resume to his bed as early as 8pm and wake up as late as 6a.m the following morning. Those who have the most wonderful bed don't sleep all night.

They wake up at midnight to get things done against the following day schedule. Each time I woke up as early as 4a.m that's when I do most of my brainstorming and writing because the brain is still very settled and can think as fast as possible.

I don't procrastinate: I just believe that there is no reason for me to postpone anything I can get done in less than five minutes. So whenever am face with such kind of situation, I deal with it instantly as they said procrastination is a thief of time. Time is life, so I won't allow my life to be stolen.

I avoid distraction a lot: In the presence of internet, distractions seems to come from any angle. Some appears in such a way that you can't avoid( direct chat). You got distracted from friends and family coming into you affairs at the time you think been alone would have been more productive. So for me, I take excuses and promise to chat back later. Doing this has helped me a lot in getting things done at the appropriate time.

There other things which could actually help in achieving your set goal but the major one after determination is proper time management. so how well are you managing your own time?

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