Saturday, 9 May 2015

How To Quickly Find Out If You Are In A Fake Relationship

It is wiser to be single than been in a fake relationship. Many of us are in fake relationships for a very long time, without even knowing. What always result to heartbreaken at the deadly hour is inability to define the nature of relationship they are into on time. Someone might be having an unreal affair, real relationships take a lot of efforts, which many people May not be able give.

By my critical evaluation of how relationships break down these days despite several years of dating I observed there was no love at all in most of those unions, the only problem is that inability to know on time. Here are the signal that you need to keep an eye out for in order to prevent yourself from being fooled and betrayed.

1) There is a serious communication gap
  Effective communication is a tool to aid an healthy relationship, if you are in a relationship where you two rarely talk, you can’t recall the last time you had a heart to heart discussion with your partner, you just chat once in a Blue moon, it’s just on and off, you are unaware of what’s going on in the other person’s life and it generally make you feels like you don’t know the other person at all,  then believe me you’re not really in a relationship.

Effective communication is everything in a relationship but when you can’t ever find common grown, there’s a problem. In a fake relationship, there’s generally at least one person who always make communication to be more difficult.

2) Constant argument
Are you constantly arguing with your partner about the same issues over and over again, with no sign of a clear resolution? If you find yourself in this condition, this is a signal that you’re not content in your relationship and may even be carrying unresolved feelings from previous relationships. You are in a relationship where someone always has to be right, it doesn’t matter how it affects your relationship, all that matters is being right! This means that there is a lack of love in the relationship, just find your way out.
3) You've never had a memorable time together
You are in a relationship and the whole thing doesn't look special in anyway. The relationship just feels ‘normal’, nothing New. You guys don’t have any exceptional memories together, there are no extra ordinary feelings attached to the time you guys spent together. Love is a beautiful feeling and if it feels anything less than special in your heart, please step out. You can also read: How to keep an healthy relationship.

4) Doubt of love
If someone is in a relationship and cannot not  categorically stated if he really love the person or not, or when you are unsure of your partner’s feelings, spending hours contemplating he loves me, he loves me not; but after you have spent notable time with your partner and you can’t really give substance to how you feel or if your partner truly loves you and you are not trying to do anything about this disarray of feelings and continue to profess love then this is a classic sign of a fake relationship.  

5) Confused sex for love
On the surface, the constant need to be up under each other may appear like true love, but it’s not. This is a clear sign of a codependent relationship, not a healthy one. If you’re relationship isn’t complete without constant interaction, public displays of affection, or the physical, this isn’t true love.

You noticed that guys are too found of each other in the bed, but when it comes to talking and communication you guys are clueless or just not interested. The only way you guys feel in comfortable  is by means of physical contact, this simply means you are in a carnal relationship, once the infatuation dies, so will the relationship. Related article: How to quickly identify a fake relationship.

In conclusion, it is better and wiser to remain single and searching than intentionally keeping yourself in a fake relationship which will end up with no good.

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