Sunday, 17 May 2015

Why Do People Live A Fake Life?

It hurts me so much when I see promising youths who choose to comfort themselves through self-delusion over difficult reality. I feel so uncomfortable, and I feel they are cheating themselves somehow. I value my own life and the way I life it so much that I can't even pretend about it.

I can't pretend living in a comfortable bungalow apartment in Abuja while in reality am just a young man managing my life in a single room apartment(face me and face you) in a village.

I feel been cheated when I discovered am not living the type of life I found myself in reality. I prefer to live in a life that is troubling but real, than pretending to be super rich while am still poor.

Living a fake life provides a safe paradise to most youths who do this. They mostly prefer to be seen large and that's the only reason why they are always under the mask of big guys or big sweet ladies.

Its unfortunate, that these people are unreal. If anybody should confidently place reliance on them as a result of their looks or way of life, it will definitely turn out to be a disappointments.

There are several bad experiences of people who felt a victim of circumstance for dealing with fake personalities, that are unreal in existence. So many people become someone else online. There are many married people who claimed to be single.

Many men pretending to be women and thousand of poor ones claiming to be rich on the internet.The moment you meet them, they are people with unidentifiable characters; very difficult to study though with close monitoring you will surely find out who they are in reality because of their human nature.

On a personal experience, I'v met with so many people with fake personalities in both online and in reality. Trust me, I surely have my own way of treating them been it a lady or a guy. My opinion is that, living a fake life, is a signal to a lack of personal reputation and integrity to protect.

Honestly those who are mostly found doing this are men but I don't know for what reason. Though doing this may help them achieve certain fake goals but in most cases it will definitely not work out.

I can't stop asking myself, for what reason will I decide to live a fake life. Or let me ask, could there be any reason you will do that?

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