Saturday, 30 May 2015

Why men beat their wives?

In my own personal opinion, there is only one befitting special place for any man that hits his wife....hmmm a jail. That is where he belongs and that's where he should live for his entire life. Most times I keep wondering if couples were forced to be together without any sign of love for each other. Or let me put it to you that, what do you think could have frustrated a loving caring man to the extent of hitting his wife till she lost consciousness?

 Cases of husbands hitting their wives are so common and rampant in our society at present that people no longer see the level of great evil in such act. Despite the fact that men are the protectors and maintainers of women, naturally, men are physically superior to their wives and must use such strength to serve as her protector not to oppress her.

 Reasons why men beat their wives

 1) Loss of control: What I observed in most of the cases I've witnessed was that the violent parners always present their shameful act as a sudden incident arises due to loss of control. Personally, to me this excuse is groundless because such violent husband would never loss his control and mistakenly slap his female boss in office; or by error hit a female soldier in a public place. Therefore I perceive this as a deliberate act with an intention to resort to it whenever a woman messed up. Though so many people still believe hitting of woman by his husband can be due to a lost of control.

2) There is no severed punishment attached to it in a family circle: Usually here in Africa, family problems are kept within the privacy of the family circles (unlike the western counterpart). Here it is difficult for any of the neighbors to know what is into another family's affairs. So a physical violence husband takes advantage of this setting to mal treat his wife. This is because he understands that giving his wife an heavy blow or a dirty slap for whatever reason, he will not face any severed consequence.

What actually prompted me to write this post was the scene I witnessed in a king's palace where we went for sensitization under the umbrella of my Cds group. A man ganged up with his younger brother to physically attack his wife and they got her seriously injured with blood and marks all over her body. The most annoying thing is that despite all the evidences against these evil men, the chiefs still advised that they should go home and settle it in a family way. That which I know will attract no punishment. This is the major reason why this act is on rampage in this modern world. 

 3) Verbal Violence: Another serious of causes of physical attack by a man to his own woman is the influence of verbal Violence. Naturally, women are not physically strong to threat men, but often times they are found to be verbally violence. Most times women are found of using verbal Violent to provoke the anger in their husbands and the man will be left with no option than to attack them in their own ways. I advise you ladies, the best and easiest way to avoid been attacked by your man is to keep out of verbal Violence.

In conclusion, the problems of beating one's wife is an extremely solution to correct any woman. It is oftenly resorted to when the couple in question could not settle their differences in a verbal and a polite manner. 


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