Friday, 5 June 2015

Can someone be too busy for love?

The more I study love and the more I become a student of it...My believe is always that everybody want to be loved, needed to be cared for and indeed needed to be with someone who appreciate them. Not until yesterday when I stumbled upon a post where a lady claiming to be too busy for love. Though I engaged in a constructive argument with her given her so many reasons why she needs love. At the end of the whole thing, I made her realized that, there is no such thing as too busy to love...only not committed and ready to create the time for love.

My own observation is that most single men and women simply don't have time to love and if they do, they hardly have the time to show the emotional commitment required to maintain such relationship. So many work- a - holic young ladies and men find it so difficult to strike the balance between their work and relationship.

They have put so much into their career and this make them have the wrong impression that relationship is not a priority. People who are too busy for love probably don't want to love.

Some could not in anyway give a little time to meet their relationship demands. They only want whosoever their partner to be to adjust his/herself to fit into their own heltic lifestyle. Believe me love cannot work out that way. Some who are even in a relationship among them will never give their time to work out things with their loved one. It is not so - when you meet your soul-mate, let the connection be real, let it manifest itself the way it's meant to.

Love is like given someone the power to destroy you and yet you trust them they will never do. Love is not meant to only be expressed with words of mouth, but with action. Despite your tight schedule, showing your love to your lover indicate the value, respect, treasure and honour you have for such a soulmate. 

 A guy who show love to his woman, will realise doing this can be so peaceful and comforting to her. It makes her think that she can leave her entire heart under your care. Despite been busy with your career work, you can still devote more time to your relationship than ever. all that is required is to strike the balance between your work and your relationship.

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