Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Crazy Love- She Got married To A Man Who Got Her Blind

                       Linda and Burt
"We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection and love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend." Most times we become so worried and keep asking what are some girls still doing in an unhealthy relationship with her fiancé despite all the ill treatments. Some guys are even so bad and terrible to the extent of
hitting their girls and get them injured. Yet people will be wondering, if that same girl cannot peacefully walk out of that unhealthy struggling she called relationship. After witnessing several of kind of brutal love and the lady still enjoy the affair, I quickly came to the conclusion that love is a serious mental sickness.

While am trying to find out what could actually be the cause of such a love, I watched a documentary and that was completely amazing. It was a story about a lady called Linda Riss and Burt Pugach.Burt Pugach was a young successful lawyer in New York city.

He was one day driving out alone in his car and he saw seated by the road side a pretty young lady. He immediately stopped his car and ran down to introduce himself to her. Am not surprised with this anyway, because that is what every young man will do on sighting such a beautiful girl. 

After a brief conversation between the two, the 21 years old Linda accepted to go on outing with him, thereafter they started dating. They were both in real love and nobody would want to end such a wonderful relationship.

Until one terrible day, when Linda discovered that Burt was married and in fact has a daughter. She was confused and emotionally down. So she thought the best thing is to break up the relationship and move on with her life. Burt begged and was able to deceive Linda with fake divorce letter, stating that he was about to divorce his wife.

She accepted him back just for the love. Thereafter, Linda's family lawyer found out that the divorce letter was fake and there was no any move by Burt to leave his family. So this got Linda annoyed and she quit the relationship immediately.
She finally said goodbye to the relationship but Burt refused to give up. He called her everyday, send her messages and most times called her family members and friends to plead on his behalf.

When all his efforts to get her back failed, he started sending her threatening notes, and promised if he could not have her, nobody will do. She was scared and quickly reported to the police. Linda later moved on with her life with her new boyfriend.

When Burt heard about her new engagement, He got so much annoyed and jealous. So he hired three thugs to pour acid on her face. She was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately for Linda, it was too late for her because she had alright lost her sight and her face was disfigured. Her boyfriend could not cope and broke up with her.
Burt arrested

This incident got media attention, and in that year Burt was the most hated man in the country. After investigation by the police, he was arrested and got 14years imprisonment. Linda for the rest of her years, she was in pain.

No man move closer again and she had already lose all she had. She became painfully depressed and lonely. During those years of Burt in the prison, he never still leave her to be. He call her from prison once in a while.
Linda lonely

In 1974, Burt was released from prison and contacted Linda immediately...he told her how he regretted what he did, and he claimed that he still loved her. The two got married that year. Their marriage shocked the entire nation. They became the subject of every talk show, magazine article and news report that year.

Both Linda and Burt shared a burning passion for eachother until until 2013 when Linda eventually died... So don't let blame those ladies who seems to be more in love despite the ill treatment they got from their lovers. We never can tell, they may end up be the next Linda.


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