Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Happy family: a man or a woman?

I don't know the from the angle you gonna look at the fact which states that: "The happier the wife is in a marriage relationship, the happier the husband and the happier the family". Therefore, from whatever perspective you looked at this, it still burn down to the fact that, when a wife is satisfied with her marriage, she tends to do a lot more for her husband which will definitely have a positive effect on the family.

Traditionally, women are quite know to be the keeper of their family. It is just a practice that has been in existence over time. The woman takes care of everyone in the home including the husband and indeed she is the determinant of the family's happiness. Women are known to be soft minded, so they can't hide their feelings for long. Whenever they are unhappy, it's something they can't keep. There is a good chance she will let her spouse know about it, and if verbally she refused to express it, in attitude she can easily express it.

Men on the contrary, are typically less emotionally affected with issues of relationship. Therefore if by anyway they are hurt or disturbed - they are practically less vocal about their relationship. So their level of marital unhappiness might not be translated to their wives nor any other members of the family. 

So if you are the type of man who still believes, that you are in charge and can determine how your home is ran in all aspects, that means you've not met an unhappy woman. If you do, you will surely realise the inefficiency in that your physical advantage and sees it as completely irrelevant to creating an happy and everlasting family.

Though to some men, it is not new to them how important their wives are and they believed that she is the major stakeholder in the family lifestyle. Yet the still find it difficult to get the simple and easy means of getting her happy. Some associated making her happy with buying her expensive items which is no way near. 

How to make your wife happy

The following under listed practices could go a long way in making her happy and thereafter resulted to an happy home you've been dreaming of.

1) Show her love and respect: There are so many ways you can show her how you love and respected her. You can start by introducing her to your friends or family with such a wonderful compliment like "meet my beautiful wife, the mother of my handsome son". Honestly this go a long way to tell women how much you really love and respected her and it always make them happy.  

2) Always hold her hand in public: Some women could be so shy and unfree when it comes to public appearance. But you as her man can make her feel so comfortable when you hold her closely. Doing this have a long way of reassuring your woman how greatly you love her and she will definitely pay back.  

3) Always be ready to give her a helping hand: Whenever you found her in a slightly difficult situation, ask her if you can help. She will be so glad to see her caring husband with a sincere willingness to give an helping hand.

In conclusion, a happy wife is a woman who knows she is so lucky to have everything she has, and she appreciate it by showing kindness to everyone in the family. including you the husband
 Guys I hope we can do these for them?

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