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How to know if your lover is a cheat

There are  certain situations where someone will definitely be in a serious confusion as to whether his/her lover cheat or not. Though when there is true and genuine love it is difficult to accept, let alone process the bitter truth that your partner is cheating on you. Because you don’t expect them to hurt you in any imaginable way, it seems surreal when you find out about it. It’s even worse when you not bold enough to confirm it by confronting them. 

At a point in time in your relationship, it became known to you know  that they are hiding something from you and the relationship is not what it used to be any more, but you keep shrugging off that feeling and you don't want to belief it real. Though you've not catch them with someone else, but things has changed and they are not even aware due to the less time they give to the relationship with you. And your mind keep telling you they are into another affairs with someone else somewhere. 

 It is not impossible that such lover is giving his time to someone else, which is cheating and it is still very possible that the person  is only facing a hard time at present. Whatever the situation could be, with this post I will tell you the approach to confirm if  they are actually going out with somebody else without causing any problem.

Let start from here, if your lovers are involved in doing most the of the following, it is likely they are cheating. 

 1) Always feel so uncomfortable with your questions: No matter how simple the question you ask them, they will always take it personal. even if it’s something as simple as asking them about their day, they get irritated and try to make you feel bad for your harmless inquiry. You may think that they’re in a mood, but can someone be irritable all the time? I don’t think so. If they’re unable to answer innocent questions, it’s a pretty clear sign that they are in fact hiding something from you. So don't keep quit about it if really you still need the relationship. 

 2) They don't feel save answering your calls anymore: It has now become a normal things that whenever they go out, they determine when to talk to you and you can't call them at your own wish. They always fail to find time to answer your calls or get back to you as soon as possible. They always give inequality reason or the other which even to you is unreal. They either claim they were with friends or family. And if they don’t call you back, it’s because they conveniently forgot to do so. No one would fail to notice the change. The person, who was once comfortable talking to you around their friends and family, suddenly just doesn’t feel the same way anymore. 

 3) They don't really wanna see you frequently again: Someone whose pleasure before used to be been around you now turn around and don't wanna see you again. You've tried all your best but the person is actually avoiding you I think, this  should definitely be a wakeup call. Yes, people get busy, too busy at times, but if they can find time for everyone else but you, it’s pretty obvious that something’s off about the situation.

 4) They over react when you try touching their phones: It is natural, when someone started cheating, they are bound to keep some secrets away from you. Though it’s true that no one should have their privacy invaded. But these people do react beyond boundary.

5)They are just too good in telling lies: The few times that they’re generous enough to answer your questions, all you get are lies. As simple as questions about what they’ve been doing, or where they’ve been, or who they’ve been with, all you get from them when are lies. And most times it becomes obvious to you that they are not just telling you the truth but you are still scared to confront them and tell them they are liars. Maybe because you know they will take it so personal to disrupt the whole discussion and walk out. You need to think about this. You shouldn’t be afraid to confront them about the lies just because it’d hurt them or infuriate them because they don't really care about you again.

 6) As married woman you found sexual protection facilities with your man and he had never used that with you at home...I don't need to tell you that he has someone else outside.

You should not ignore these signs, when you see them with your lovers you really need to make a move about it.

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  1. These are valid points papi....Wow! I found myself reading this line by line...Oh how I wish lots of people knew this....

    You know papi...I am really grateful for the comment you dropped....You never know who gets affected by a comment right. God bless you for your support Papi.

  2. You are welcome...and thanks for stopping by.

  3. This are very calid points you stated here...those that are ignorant of the cheating clues should come in here and read

  4. This is exactly the signs that many people take for granted. I wish a lot of ladies can read this..

  5. Gloria thanks for stopping by.


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