Saturday, 20 June 2015

I Met The Wrong Woman At The Right time

Love is what happened while you are so busy making another plan...when finally it catches up with you, it leaves no room for age, looks, wealth or any other material items. This particular post is something that has been on my email for almost four days and the sender who actually is one of this blog readers insisted I get it published for people to hear her out. After long discussion I decided to drop it here to respect our readers view. Here it goes....

"I have a story for you and would love to hear what your take on this matter affecting my mind.U

 I am an older woman and look good and beautiful for my age. I met a guy who was a friend of mine on Facebook. Whenever I make a post or upload picture about my new looks, he usually be the first to comment. Those usual comments guys do make on young ladies' pictures such as are nice, hot or sexy not slutty. 

So I sent him an inbox message to stop such comments on my picture which he obeyed and we became friends. We chat once in a while and later we became very close and chat always on Facebook before we exchanged number. We started talking and became very friendly. We compared what we like and found we had a lot of things in common, like dancing, foods, entertainment, etc. 

Finally we met and he had been saying for a while that he was so very attracted to me and he was attractive to me too. We met and hit it off. He was very sexy and romantic and sweet and I found him charming and he felt the same way and could not wait to see me again. We had planned a date but then we both got the flu so we postponed it. 

I wanted to do something nice for him as he is still searching for job and not yet settled. His time is limited because he has to rally round town as a young guy to survive and he never relied on me for once. 

So I invited him to come over for a nice quiet dinner. He was so excited, he brought me lovely flowers and could barely contain his excitement at being there with me. Then the bomb. He got a call from his brother who told him his mom fell in the tub, so he had to leave, no dinner but got a lot of understanding from me and told him I understood and there would be other dinners. 

He kissed and hugged me like he wanted to consume me which was promising and he even said he was falling for me and he was so happy I wanted to be his girlfriend.  

I said goodby with a smile and was excited at the possibility of our next date. He promised to let me know the situation at home so I wouldn’t worry but to my shock a half hour later I got a text from him that said we have to stop this before he hurt me. He could not give me what I wanted which I didn’t know what that was nor did I ever say I wanted anything but to have fun and enjoy getting to know him better.  

I was dumbfounded and still do not understand what happened. Part of his message said I met the right woman at the wrong time. All this while he had been sending me emotional text messages, but when I called him back to talk him he never pick my calls. I don't know if he is confused or just want to be playing with my feelings for God sake".  End...

Personally, to me the guy is in love but he may be so bothered about the social stigma of dating a woman who is older than himself. Wherever this guy could be social stigma should not color his personal perspective and the unconventional love he has for her. Thant's my advice.


  1. hmmm..i think he likes you sha, but some things are holding him back, there are things he is committed to that cannot make him go further with you, poster forget the guy biko

  2. That's a real and precise advise! Considering the social stigma attached to marrying an older woman in this country...he may be too shy to withstand it.Thanks for your advise.


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