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My Memorable Day In University Of Ilorin - My Graduation Day

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My graduation portrait
At University of Ilorin (Better by far University), the most memorable day to me was 23 October, 2014 - my graduation day. The graduation, meant so much to me that it is a must I have to write something about it. This is because it was a significant measure to my academic achievement in life. I was so happy and proud to put on my gown and cap because that indeed, gave me the memory I will never forget  for the rest of my life.
Honestly, there is a lovely and emotional moment in the ceremony where you will not only feel been on top of the world but also have to give thanks to your parents, your friends, family and every other person that contributed to your academic excellence. Though it was a combination of mixed feelings for me (I was happy and sad).

The event was in nature meant to be special and historic among others in the history of the school, as it marked the 30th convocation ceremony in the citadel of learning. The memorable event was witnessed by highly repute individual such as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ably represented by honourable minister of education, so also many other dignities from home and abroad. The convocation lecturer was a professor from a University from Malaysia.

What Made Me So Happy
It was my happiest day in the school looking at that very moment when every graduand including their loved ones were celebrating, seeing how proud of me my parents were while celebrating my hard work and achievement for those years I spent in the school.

Why I Was Moody
Nothing would have been more great and joyful like been together with my two most intimate friends in the university (Hassan & Ridwan). Due to one reason or the other, they were indisposable. As the program continue I kept imagining how their presence would have made so much difference. I was a bit sad also, thinking about the friendship I had built with people all round the world. We studied, read, walked and passed through exam stress together but graduation came and we had to do apart and nobody could tell if we will ever meet again or not.

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At Early Hour Of  My Convocation Day
My convocation ceremony was meant to commence by 10am, but It was just as if I did not sleep overnight. I woke up as early as 3am and got ready, set out to the school premises by 5:30am. My intention was to avoid the usual traffic at the university road. On getting to the school, I walked straight to the university 'auditorium' where the event took place already putting on my gown and cap. I saw graduands walking around the venue, wearing their gown and taking pictures. Honestly everyone was looking so extra ordinary unique. I was so filled with joy admiration. We were busy taking pictures outside the 'auditorium' until we were invited into the hall in accordance with the faculties we belong.
Myself and my coursemates
The Event Commencement
The ceremony formally began by opening procession into the university auditorium. The program was declared opened followed by the welcoming address my Chancellor and the vice chancellor 's speech which was indeed a take home gift for all of us. According to our faculties, each of us were presented to the Chancellors by our faculty's dean for the award and confirmation of degrees.
In side Auditorium
At this very moment, the atmosphere in the hall was so calm and exciting because of the way the honour was given. The procedure was, once it is your faculty's turn, you stand up, remove your cap and wait till your dean present you for the award thereafter the Chancellor will award you the honour. Then you will be guided on how to fix back you cap by the m.c and send you a congratulatory messages before taking back our seat. This was very special and memorable experience for everyone in the hall. To round it up, was the retiring processions.

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Going out
Thanks for the performing Art student music group who grease the occasion with cool melody as we walked out the hall with our new conferred honours.

The moment I stepped out of the hall, I granted an interview to a group of NTA journalists at the back of the hall. That night alone, I received so many calls from friends and family confirming seen me on transmission and in fact that called for another sets of congratulatory messages. Right at the convocation reception venue we took pictures with my parents, my siblings, friends and well wishers and concluded all the activities in the school with menu menu menu.
Myself and my family

In The Evening 
I hanged out with my colleagues, to another graduand's house among us whose brother was also a lecturer and he organised a short party for him. we were at the party till around 11pm before we later set out and moved to our various homes. Hmmm after years of studying Accounting, graduation was a dream come true and remain my most incredible memories of my life. Thanks once again for those who made it possible most especially my brother for his support.

Now What next? NYSC by God's grace.

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