Thursday, 18 June 2015

My parent Will disown me

Honestly...there is something terribly wrong with our social values. Relationship which is built on lies will definitely be brought down. For how long will Nigerians relationship continue to be ended up with all sort of fake stories? Usually after a long-winded courtship filled with promises of marriages.
Particularly, we cannot associate the use of these flimsy excuses in breaking up a relationship to any of the two sex. This is because both guys and ladies are involved in it, in one way or the other.
The following are the instances where both sex use the same excuse as a reason to break up. 

How guys break up with ladies
Someone will ask, why are men so wicked? Why will they be so happy to prolong relationships and keep their girls hanging around until the deadly hour when the lady virtually has no hope of getting someone else? Can we just conclude that guys are mostly emotionally confused or heartless? 

To guys, everything is always going down well with their relationships until when the lady demanded for commitment. Questions like "where will this leading us to"? As a guy, once he noticed the lady is getting too committed and definitely need something tangible out of that relationship than keeping company alone. They in return have a way of passing across a very obvious and intentional signals that things will not work out. So we have to keep them, till we will finally give them the excuses one day.

Another thing worthy of notice here is that, it is no longer a news that most ladies are only after looks, smartness, been a celebrities or just any good looking wealthy guy as a fiancé. Since guys are emotional slaves, haven understood their intention, they still pretend and play along.

Their intention is that, any time soon they will have to drop her, believing that when the time comes they will find a morally high value ladies to marry. So in an attempt to drop that girl, the excuses like "my parent will disown me" comes in. Since they would have lied to her on so many family reasons why they can't marry.

How Ladies break up using the same excuse
Most serious ladies usually go into any relationship with the intention of getting married. Contrary to guys, what actually do determine marriage is a matter of maturity coupled with readiness. So ladies are only in it for their own personal interest, and they will be convinient quitting when they feel the guy cannot make it big or not ready to get married soon. This can also happen when they find a better suitor.

The moment they are also ready to step out of a relationship, excuses like family compatibility and others comes up. At long run, they will conclude everything with "my parent will disown me" and break up.

Someone will ask if they always feel guilty doing this or not? My answer is, it is easy to manage guilt. All you need to do is to change your friends, avoid anything in common with the person you just disappointed and if by chance you met, pretend you are busy with something else. Sooner you will  forget them. All I just have to advise here is for us to change from building a relationship on falsehood or material wealth.


  1. Lol but sometimes family compatible really comes up but I agree with you. People often go into relationship for selfish interests

  2. Before going into such a relationship, they don't consider anything of such until when things is working in opposite direction to their plan..thanks for stopping by.


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