Friday, 19 June 2015

Reasons Why guys leave their women without any excuse

Nothing is as painful as been abandoned in a relationship without any tangible reason. You have an amazing relationship with a guy who so much love you greatly and never wished to be out of your reach for any reason. Things go down well with both of you until, suddenly when he took one foot out door and say good bye for no reason.

The reality is that, so many men take the decision of running away from their relationship even though they consider the relationship worthwhile. Such kind of guys will leave without giving any excuse or reason just because they don't feel like getting you hurt when they finally open up their minds. Some of the reasons for this could be among others, the following:

1) He is not feeling comfortable with how you keep demanding for commitment: So many ladies always want to keep a clearly defined relationship. It's always their pleasure to know if the relationship will result to marriage, in what year, where will the honeymoon take place and how many kids are they gonna raise together. All these, to some extent are contrary to guy's reason for going into a relationship for the first instance.

Doing all these could easily get guys annoyed and frustrated especially when such guy is not yet ready at all. He feels you are trying to fix him. It is common to become frustrated and eventually stop communicating in a clear and loving manner. He will definitely misunderstand your intention and believe you just want to force him into marriage for no reason. When you allowed your guy to feel this way, he will never open up and listen. Instead he will shut down and take a leave without excuse.

2) Someone better came along: This is an harsh truth. Whenever a guy is in another relationship which he felt, it is more better and satisfactory compared to the one he keeps with you, he may choose to back out without telling you. Since guys are very much aware of ladies' weakness in handling emotional disappointment so they decide often not to break up with words.

Rather they begin to be irregular and inconsistent just for a lady to pick a wrong impression about them and determine the direction to which they are moving. But Ladies are too emotional and will refused to give meaning to his actions until the guy finally walk out.

3) He had gotten what he want from you already: There are some guys who take extreme pride in the number of ladies they had sex With, or the value of material wealth they've gained from ladies they date. After he is deemed satisfied and felt he is done with his mission, his sudden disappearance should not be something new to us.

Whatever the situation may be among the three, it is very important to know how to communicate with your man in a way that demonstrates you as a happy, fulfilled and loving woman who is happy in her relationship than trying to get them committed for a personal reason. When any man sees that in you, he will always want to be around you.

Relationship is a matter of the heart that affect you and I, you deserve a healthy relationship to live a healthy lifestyle. I will get in touch soon again.


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