Sunday, 21 June 2015

Three Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Would Never Propose For Marriage

What has really happened over time to how men handle their relationship? So many ladies nowadays feel so much depressed and frustrated because their men keep pulling away… despite all best efforts to get closer? So many men feel more interested in the idea of “friendship without direction” rather than ever becoming…husband and wife? 

Are you so worried that you are wasting your best dating years on a guy that has no interest in sticking around or making any proper to bring out any thing reasonable out of it?  I understand that there’s nothing as frustrating as being stuck in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere. 

You have had “so many discussion” a number of times, to address this and he always claims to love you…but he’s just not ready for anything more.  While it might feel like your putting in all this time and effort into a dead-end relationship, and sometimes you feel like letting him go and go for another guy who could be so committed and ready to take you to the altar any time soon.

The general belief is that if you simply do everything possible to make a man love you…his natural reaction will be to want to move the relationship forward and tie the knot at some point.  And if he doesn’t…well…then he must just be leading you on and doesn’t truly love you after all.  But all this couldn’t be further from the truth! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a pretty ladies, great cook, or so wonderful in bed. These types of things are not what’s necessary to make him want to commit on a deeper level! So what DOES need to happen in order to motivate a man to move the relationship forward?
There are so many reasons why such a man could be proving all your efforts abortive, apart from financial and maturity reasons which we can reason with. Other reasons which may not be known to you but are very possible are as follows:  

1) He don't love you: So many ladies always want to keep a clearly defined relationship. It's always their pleasure to know if the relationship will result to marriage, in what year, where will the honeymoon take place and how many kids are they gonna raise together. All these, to some extent are contrary to guy's reason for going into a relationship for the first instance.

He feels you are trying to fix him. It is common to become frustrated and eventually stop communicating in a clear and loving manner. He will definitely misunderstand your intention and believe you just want to force him into marriage for no reason. Thinking you have something hidden and undisclosed about your eagerness to get married and moreover he is not really in love.

2) Someone better came along: This is an harsh truth. Whenever a guy is in another relationship which he felt, it is more better and satisfactory compared to the one he keeps with you, he may decide not to propose and keep posting you. Since guys are very much aware of ladies' weakness in handling emotional disappointment so they decide often not to break up with words.

Rather they begin to be irregular and inconsistent just for a lady to pick a wrong impression about them and determine the direction to which they are moving. But Ladies are too emotional and will refused to give meaning to his actions until the guy finally walk out.

3) He was in for something else not marriage: There are some guys who take extreme pride in the number of ladies they had sex With, or the value of material wealth they've gained from ladies they date. After he is deemed satisfied and felt he is done with his mission, his sudden disappearance should not be something new to us. So expecting a marriage proposal from such a man will only result to a waste of time.  Sharing is caring...kindly share for other.


  1. This is so so true many ladies already know all these but some just don't want to accept the truth. # myopinionthough

  2. well its better to let him do d needful willing instead of pushing it makes you look desperate but all d reasons you stated are true shall, but y can't guys always come out straight if they dn't want to marry someone again

  3. @Gloria they don't wanna accept the truth that's real...Ajibike ladies most times may not be able to withstand the emotional break down once they are really in love. That is one of the reasons why guys continue keeping them for no any reason. Thanks.

  4. When I'm no longer interested in a relationship, I don't delay telling a girl NOP becaouse the longer you are in the harder it will be to let go. After all the pain of heartbreak will go when she gets a nice guy and beside, heartbreak is inevitable.

  5. Sam...that's the best thing to do but most times it's so difficult..


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