Saturday, 20 June 2015

Reasons why you should let your husband lead

The best experience anybody can have in a relationship is when you both understand each-other and have a peaceful marital home or dating. This can only be possible if one person is submissive to the other and assume such person is the driver with which we both determine where our destination will be. In recent times, what actually do kill love affair is not the dearth of love but power struggling between two lovers. The question of who to lead and who to follow always bring relationship to an end.

As  we all know in the world of dating or marriage it’s always complicated, but most times I can’t help to think that some people do a great job in making it more complicated for themselves than necessary. The real truth is, whether you’re a man or a woman, you both are like professional drivers embarking on a journey. No matter how you both are good in driving only one person has to drive at a time, while the other person's opinion and suggestions would have to be respected as well.

In any relationship the one who use to lead and listening to the advise of the partner is the man. Naturally, that is how it meant to be. So unfortunate that over times due to changes in ideology and cultural beliefs, ladies want to be in charge of everything and want to dominate and override their men. We also know that an over dominating woman is a lonely one because no man will want to follow.

Many women may accuse me of been bias because I belong to the men's fold but that is really far from the reality. A man, your man is to be treated as the driver, give him the right and freedom to take the lead. Agreed, you may not always agree with the way he goes about certain things, however let him lead and correct him when necessary, allow him to be a man.

Most women don’t realize when a power struggle is an issue, because most of the time they are just weary about what they want. The truth behind it all is that, woman do run the relationship, everything is on their terms. From the first time a guy asks them out, to their first date, and to the first time a couple decides to go into intimacy. The final decision is always up to the woman to comply.

 On the other hand man is usually the initiator and they are always with the expectation that they have to lead. However, the pending process lies with the ladies.  As mentioned before, there will be disagreements and the best thing is to approach those loose ends in private and in matured manners.

In those old good days, no woman wants a man she could walk all over. Then if a woman treat her husband as such, where she overly demanding and dominating all his moves, the power shift being totally on her side, she, in return will loose all the societal values and respect attached to been a virtue woman. But so unfortunate, nowadays, reverse is the case and in fact there attached a special respect for a lady or woman who is able to dominate her man among her friends.

Don’t get me wrong please, as a woman you naturally have a mouth on you, and your role isn’t to just looking pretty with an empty shell, but instead to be stern in a way that it leaves a good impression. Though the matter of impression this time around is what nobody pays attention to again. This has gone a long way in destroying so many relationships.

What such women failed to realize is that, in a relationship, respect goes both ways, and if respect is generally and mutually in the equation, that is in fact a functional relationship. In allowing him to be your man, he will appreciate you and in return, respect you for that.

He won’t let you out of any decisions because then he’ll care as much to want to know what you think, after all you’re supposed to be partners, so he will always get you involved. So, if there’s no trust, well that’s a different story from this point on.  My only advice here is that “Follow and let Him lead, let Him lead and he will follow.”

Hope you have something to add?

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