Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Strange World

This life is a stage of mystery. A stage where things happen in such a way and manner that goes far beyond human's  thought and expectation. Nobody can be bold enough, and knowledgeable to the extent of providing a satisfactory explanations to some certain occurrences in our daily lifes. They cannot tell how and why such occurrences.

For instance, on several occasions we've heard and witnessed where a newly born twins are tied together and remained inseparatable, also so many cases of children given birth to without
face or any part of their body is in excess...like a child with four legs. It is also not new that some parents do have illicit sexual affairs with their children, these are just few among so many unhealthy incidents occurring every day in our social society.

I came accros a strange episode written by my mentor in his column and I decided to share it here for it to serve as something we can ponder on and derive some lessons. Here it goes.

Strange Episode 
 "Our world is mysterious. And the more we make efforts to demystify it the more complex it becomes. Not even humanity’s greatest footprint (science and technology) has succeeded in demystifying the phenomenal web we call ‘the world’. While browsing through the internet recently, yours sincerely stumbled on a strangely amazing episode. 

A young man of about 28 years was reported missing for some days by his parents in Thailand. By the time his dead body was found somewhere in a bush, journalists in that country were jumping up to write an exclusive story. Bruises of snake bite were found all over his body. And, surprisingly, a monstrous python was also found lying lifelessly by his side. Examining the python, the police also discovered human bites all over its body.

  The conclusion then was that perhaps a furious duel between man and reptile had led to mutual death. But the story did not end there. The young man was also found to be pants down with a dangling condom firmly fixed to his manhood. This suggested the possibility of a sex attempt. Could he have attempted to rape the python? That was a mysterious question begging for a mysterious answer. 

On a personal reflection, yours sincerely guessed that the man might have lured a young, beautiful damsel into a hideout perhaps for a marathon sexual orgy. But on getting to the point of action, the damsel decided to show her true self by turning into a python, and a duel ensued. Or why would a young man wear condom and remain half naked in such a circumstance with such a brutal reptile?" (Extracted from Femi Abbas's column). 

You can now reason with me how difficult it is to interpret and give the reasons on why some things happened and could likely be the cause. I hope we can learn anything from this?

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