Sunday, 14 June 2015

The pain, the strenght and the joy of womanhood.

All over the world, been a woman is associated with weaknesses, ranging from physically incapacitated, emotionally flexible and lack of good leadership qualities. To me, all these are really far from the reality of whom a virtue woman is. The strength and uniqueness of a virtue woman cannot be described with anything less than adorable. I am not a woman, but I was born and raised by one. All I have learnt so far from her gave me a true picture of who a virtue woman is. Right from the ways she does her daily routines made me believed that she had a divine wisdom and strength.
A virtue woman, is that very diplomatic person in nature. Her mind is pure and she in her all capacity is always ready to make sacrifice for the comfort of her family. In nature, she is a multi-tasker, as she can do so many things at once. She is naturally sensitive and emotional that most times she cry out when she can't hold it back.  

Her pain
Only a woman can vividly describe in such an emotional ways and manners what her pains are. Me as a man can only say, that innocent woman feels so much pains and hardships right from her early maturity age till she attain womanhood. From menstrual pains to marriage LIFE, pregnancy to childbirth, breastfeeding to baby care from morning till night and sometimes sleepless nights. As if these are not enough as some still face family things.

She is always ready to make the supreme sacrifice, even though it will cost her the lucrative job of hers just for the family to be happy. It is not an exaggeration that most women now perform the same duties and maintain the same line of responsibilities with men at office in this modern world, so she would be at work all day, after work she goes to the market, run back home to cook, help children with their assignments, tide up the house and yet, she must satisfy her man on bed at night.  

Sometimes, she feels so exhausted and tired that she definitely needs to be alone and rest, but she still use her last strength to attend to her children. No wonder mothers have no private room like fathers do. Unfortunately, despite all these, women receive blame for whatever the bad behaviors found in their children. Nobody blame the father. At the end of the whole thing, she loses her husband and be left with the responsibilities of raising the children alone. These are just few of her pains.  

Her strength
She is seen to be weak but yet she is stronger than most men. She makes so much sacrifice. For instance, while men close from work and head straight to club house to relax, a woman with the same work and duties in office with that very man is running home to resume another domestic duties for her family. Any man who has ever witnessed his wife giving birth would credit her and accept that, she has a strong inner strength than him. A woman is confidence, she is just the best adviser, she cares a lot because she has a sense of reasoning. If a woman fall in love with you, the love is nothing but a real one and it is unconditional. Without considering whether you love her that much or not.  

Her Joy
Considering all the ugly incidence I've painted above about the pains of a woman, one may come to a quick conclusion that she has no pleasurable moment at all, therefore she has no joy. An happy woman is that which is seen and treated as egg by her husband. She is been handled with care because of the wonderful importance attached to her. A joyful woman is also that special hardworking woman who after all her efforts and sacrifices was rewarded with prosperous children. This is because the ever lasting joy of all women is their children. Children who will be around them to help and support them when they cannot longer help themselves due to old age.  

Women are soft minded and therefore deserved been cared for. So I challenge you today, that whosoever woman is in your life, try to care and make them happy. This is because you never can tell in what aspect she had made sacrifice for you.


  1. A woman's strength is in her weakness. Kudos to all the strong women out there!

  2. Oh wow! This is really nice of you Papi...It is really beautiful (for me) when I see men who appreciate women for who and what they are. It just affirms my belief that there are still amazing men out there..lovely post Papi.

    Tibs Tells Tales

  3. Smiles at many men out there still value women and take them for what they are...Tomi thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow checked again to be double sure that this is coming from a man.. This just made my week. Please Keep putting up articles like this..
    Thanks for visiting TLB.

  5. Gloria am glad it makes your day and am so honoured...thanks a lot.

  6. even though you are not a woman, this is a well articulated post, thanks for this

  7. Ajibike thanks for the comment.


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