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List Of The Traditional Markets In Ikirun Osun State And What They Sell

Saturday market on non market day
The world is a book from which we learn on a daily basis and those who do not travel read only one page and their knowledge is limited. The beauty of leaving one's comfort zone to an unknown environment is to see and learn new things. I can't believe that despite the threat pose by the emergence of e - commerce in Nigeria, a part of this country could still be running a traditional form of market till this moment.

What I mean by traditional markets are those unstructured markets. Buyers only come out with the intention of meeting in a particular location in a specific day and transact their business. There are no fixed prices for items like in the modern or internet market. What determine the price here is the force of demand and supply. The price are relatively low in term of price as there is no tax no VAT paid.

Here in Ikirun, Ifelodun local government area of Osun State. Their old traditional market has not felt the impact of the presence of e- commerce in Nigeria as they still continue with their old way of carrying out their business. The settlers of this place are middle class and are basically traders, businessmen and women, only few are civil servants. As important as trading is to them, they operate weekly markets and are four in numbers including one daily market.

Those markets are outlined and discussed below:

1) Oja Oba: Means the king's market. This is a daily market and it's situated directly in front of Oba's palace. This market is the only daily market in the town where you can easily rush down to in case you missed any of the weekly market. Those it could just be categorised to mean a market where petty items can be bought.

2) Oja Alamisi: This is called Thursday market and it is attended once in every Thursday. It is the biggest market in Ikirun and it is situated along Oke Afo express junction road. The most interesting part of this market is that, virtually everything can be found in the market. Traders come from various parts of the State including neighboring states. To some Traders, Thursday market is the best place to buy all sort of fruit produce at a cheaper price. That is the only market where fruits can be bought in whole sale price.
Banana dealers in Thursday Market
3) Oja Monday: Monday market as the name implies is a place somewhere directly opposite Akiorun grammar school. Traders gather there on every Thursday to trade their farm produce and little modern product like electronics and others. What actually in excess availability in this market are palm oil, cola nut and cocoa. These are sold in a relatively low price.
Monday market
 4) Oja Satide: Saturday market, this is the market that is always in operation only on Saturday and is the only market closer to my house where I live. This market is situated beside state hospital and the major items of trade is this market are fire wood, yam flour, cola nut and other food items.  

5) Wednesday Market: I choosed to bring this to the last on the list because it is the latest fast growing market in the town. The market is situated along bank road. This market is unique because it is the only market with only one single product on sale. The only item of trade is the fairly used clothes known as Okirika or bend and select. This market get more patronage of their youths and the lightly educated citizens of the area...this is because they can easily work down there to have their dress.
Wednesday market 
Here in Ikirun, life is more simpler, more traditional because of the presence of these markets. For several years, these traditional markets serve as a meeting point for seller and buyer and at the same time a place where old friends meet to gist and gossip. How I wished you are here to enjoy the everly fresh farm produce they sell. Hmmm.changed for a little price.

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