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Who Is An August visitor And What Is The Meaning?

Welcoming others is the responsibility of each and everyone of us. It is always wishes and commitment to maintain a welcoming lifestyle in our homes. As people with human nature, we all want to be welcomed and accepted whenever we leave our comfortable zone to another new environments place.

Guest anywhere anytime are of different nature. Some are so honoured and treated with integrity (august visitor) while some are treated in the other way round. This is where the issue of August visit or August visitors comes into play.

Sometimes one will find it difficult to categorise his/her visitor as either been an August visitor or not. Moreover for those who are not August visitors can we then assume they are July or September visitors? Or what actually is the meaning of August visitors? And Who is an august visitor?

As against how people misunderstood this concept to mean an urgent or unexpected visitors. August visitor means Distinguished, respected, highly regarded and an impressive visitors.

What Is The Origin Of August Visitor

Someone may ask to know what is the origin of the phrase August visitor... Let me say.

'' In Europe there is no much respect for seasons that whenever they have an important guest they call him an 'August visitor'. The month of August is the peak of Summer season and the most comfortable month of hospitality for the caucasian race of Europe' ' Femi Abbas.

The coming of any August visitors to any environments brings a change to the atmosphere as the whole locality will be aware of such a visitor because of the way we receive and treat them.

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How To Welcome Our August Visitors

All human race irrespective of culture or tribes are endowed with human dignity, we share common humanity and must care for one another. It is a good positive action to welcome the other in order to have the feeling of human beings. Unfortunately, so many lack the basic knowledge of how to welcome their guests.

The following steps outlined how to comfort your visitors.

1) Introduce yourself: In a situation where your visitor is not someone you've met before and is not someone that is really well know to you. After exchanging greeting, you don't need to leave with your visitor the burden of introduction.

You have to do it by telling them your name and doing this will trigger a conversation between you. Ask them some pleasurable personal questions about them.

This will go a long way in given them a good first impression about you as keeping silent or expecting them to do the talking may make them feel uncomfortable or pass to them a wrong impression that you proud.

2) Make valid and genuine conversation: In order to make your visitors feel so much at home, try to engage them into a brief conversation. Show interest in knowing more about where they come From, and if it is a place you've been to or familiar with, try as much as possible to give a gist about your experience too.

As them funny questions about that place. Like someone from Maiduguri will smiles if you ask them whether they've been too sambisa forest before or not. Just do something to make them talk with you.

My principal, each time he received another newly posted corps member in his school, where ever you come from you must discuss it with him. He has a pleasurable way of getting you talk even though you are shy. Related article: My NYSC orientation camp experience.

 3) Introduce them to people around you: One of the most effective way of comforting your visitor is to help them to get bond with other members of your family. The major reason why people feel intimidated and unsaved in a new environment is because they virtually know nobody in that place.

You can quickly help them kill that fear by introducing them to others. This will assist them to get a new relationship with others in your family or family circle. The best place where this is in practice is in school environments, visitors get along so easily because they are been introduced to others. 

4) Invite your visitors to upcoming event: There is nothing wrong inviting your new visitors to any upcoming event. It is just a way of strengthening the bond of your relationship. Put it to them if they don't mind to attend a family wedding or a simple get together.

You can invite them to religious program in your Mosque or Church. The person that host me the first time I travelled to Zamfara State invited me to go watch ball with him that night despite my stressful journey during the day.

To be surprised, I decided to go with him because I don't want to create a kind of impression about myself. But wonderful before we ended up watching the ball we gist a lot and became very familiar with each other.  

Believe me, by learning to welcome visitors, you are creating the experience memorable and you will always be remembered and respected for that. Don't forget to tell them "Thanks for visiting" whenever they are set to go. This will go a long way to tell them how you enjoyed their company.


  1. Up until now, I never knew the true meaning of August visitor. Thanks for this eye opening post

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  2. Am happy you found it useful...thanks for stopping by.

  3. Like seriously??? thanks for changing my mentality about the meaning of August visitor, tanks for the enlighening post

  4. Like seriously??? thanks for changing my mentality about the meaning of August visitor, tanks for the enlighening post

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  6. Like seriously.....i can now really understand what it really mean very well.... thanks for making me to no this about the meaning of August visitor, tanks for the enlighening post...God increase your wisdom...


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