Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why Are People Shy To Buy Condom?

In this modern age, only in a society like ours is where high birth rate and sexually transmitted diseases are on rampage despite the availability of several contraceptive and protective methods. In advanced world, buying of condom in a supermarket is seen as normal as shopping for any other necessity. It is a different issue in most African societies

Here, buying of condom is attached with a social stigma. Some, ignorantly sees it as a practice which is completely against our moral values which eventually leads to been so shy to be associated with buying it. Irrespective of whether one is married or single.

There are so many reasons for which married couples or singles will need a condom. It could either be to prevent unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Though that's not the topic of discussion for this post.

Why are men feel shy to buy it?
For whatsoever reason that people may be in need of it, it is seen and regarded as a public declaration that one want to have sex and so many people still find it abnormal and believe it is against our culture. As a married man, if you should be seen demanding for it. The impression is that, one is having an illicit sexual affairs outside marriage because to them there is no reason for any responsible married man to buy it.

On several occasions have heard guys saying they don't feel comfortable going out to buy that stuff. Not because of anything but because of the societal misconception about it. A married man said he do feel so shy to demand for it whenever he meet a particular woman in the shop where he used to get it. So he always demand for something else to cover up and leave.

In a Nairaland forum, a married woman opened up her mind and this was what she had to say "My husband and I get very uncomfortable when our supply of condom is exhausted, he doesn't like going out to get them and I feel shy too. Our baby is just one year old and we decided not to have a baby for now. Therefore, we decided on using condom as a method of contraception. But we are so shy on who to go buy it. Please what do we do?"

Another married woman in response to her question says " I and my husband just had our third child and we are not planning to have more. Though we are both still sexually active so we also have the urge to have sex but he always claimed he forgot to buy condom, which am so sure he is just been shy. So I've started buying it."

On my own personal reflection, the embarrassment aspect of buying of condom has a significant effect on the problems of high birth rate and spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. To some couples, instead of facing this stigma, they resulted in the use of other contraceptive methods which could be more risky and expensive compared to buying of condom.

The only contribution I made to that discussion in order to safeguard our society from all these, was for those who are still shy to shop it online. E-commerce has made all things easy. Or what do you think?

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  1. Imagine about to buy one and your church member swoops in on you ...
    My brother it's serious gobe ...

  2. won't be funny anyway. The next thing is to change your demand to paracetamol if one is getting it in a chemist. Because African mentality towards it is unhealthy.


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