Thursday, 9 July 2015

Aso Ebi In Nigerian Wedding: A show Off Event

As our society grows, it keep on experiencing certain levels of social development. It is no longer new that wedding ceremonies in Nigeria has transformed from celebration of love to a show off event. The evidence to this, is the outgrowing numbers of gigantic event centers been set up on a daily basis by our businessmen. In every weekend, we all gather there to witness how extravagantly people spend on wedding ceremonies.

What we now regard as a wedding is not what anybody can just lay his hand on without proper consideration despite the maturity of age. This usually affect the right time to get married of an individual.

The impression of people about what a good wedding should look like is on the high side, that you have to spend lavishly to meet up with this social demand. Nigerians aso ebi, befitted event centers, expensive wedding attire and popular musicians to sing, make the whole thing a change in Nigeria.

Most times, the problem are always the ladies, who won't mind to list the number of their friends or co-workers who had been succeeded in organising such an elaborated wedding ceremony for her husband to see. She won't want to feel inferior and intimidated among her friends with whom she shares the same social status.

With this, the groom will not mind going into huge debt, which they will definitely find difficult to settle for several years. This is because the real financial capacity of the couple do not really matter while they were planning the event.

Those who could not go into huge debt due to one reason or the other will report to selling of expensive wedding uniform (Aso Ebi ) at exorbitant price in order to have their gain. These kind of couples will also invite not less than five thousand people to witness the event.

The question of whether you would be entitled to any refreshment in such kind of event now solely depend on your ability to buy the cloth (Aso Ebi). This is the new trend in town, and most ladies would not mind to do this, just to have a socially respected wedding.

I doubt if there is any part in the whole world where wedding ceremonies are celebrated extravagantly without consideration for how the life would be for the couples after marriage like Nigeria. And apart from gaining the social recognition with the regards to the wedding, all others are negative effects which has a way of leading wedding to an end.

Wedding should be a celebration of love not a "show off event",  but it is unfortunate that our new culture of living a fake lifestyle has succeeded in changing the real value of marriage from what it used to be.

I can't keep wondering why are people placing more importance to the ways their wedding are celebrated than how to create a happy home after wedding.

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  1. very well said, the celebration has over shadowed the essence of marriage.

    1. The aim are always been neglected and that is really bad to our cultural value.

  2. Well said. I am so guilty of this *coversface*I made sure we overspend during my wedding. And after everything I was convinced it was just a mere show off .if I knew I would Ave done a low key wedding. Lolz tho its worth it anyway

    1. Honestly the first time I went through your EXCLUSIVE WEDDING ALBUM the only thing I said was "what an elaborate wedding" and you just confirmed it now. though thank God things is working out well between you guys. Thanks.


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