Sunday, 12 July 2015

Best places to find your future partner

In recent time, finding the right person for marriage has become so tough and difficult for singles who are really searching for a life partner. As we all know, getting an healthy relationship is a serious business which nobody should handle with joke. My first discussion on this issue was in one of my old posts tilted finding a spouse has becomes so difficult. Where I was able to highlight the major setbacks that hinder people from getting their well intended spouses for marriage.

Often times, people out of frustration found busy searching for a life partners in some unhealthy wrong places, which even though they get any in those places (which I doubt), the relationship will end up been a calamity. Therefore, it becomes necessary for me to make a further contribution towards this problem by writing this post on the places where you can easily find a reliable future partner.

1) School environment: The fact is that, higher institutions of learning remain the most easiest and best place to find a future partner. Though, it does not really sound so important these days because of the wrong notion that school relationships end at the campus gate after graduation. Most of those relationships only end that way because of the negation intention with which the two partners went into that very relationship at a start. 

Some will only go into it with the intention that it will end after school and it does. It is advisable that any serious minded student should plan in advance and choose a worthy future partner from school. This is because that's the only place, where you can make a choice without any pressure either from parents or the society. You will also have the opportunity of knowing better such person who you choosed to live your life with in a nearer future.

2) Places of work: If it is not against your company's policy, places of work is another better place to find a spouse. You spend more time on a daily basis with your co-workers than anyone else, and it is expected of you to know them better to some certain levels. So you don't have to take everything strictly on office matter to find a spouse in that formal setting.

3) Friends communities: In the past, so many people were able to meet and eventually got married through mutual friends. Telling your friends that you are searching could definitely be of help, as they already know your personality which will make it more easier for them to link you up with someone of your taste who is still single and searching. I don't think there is any reason why you have to be shy telling your friends about this.

 4) Find someone online: Hmmm I forgot! This would have been my first place to recommend because that's where I found my dearest one...Online dating is one of the most easiest place to meet your future partner. It is a place where you meet people with common interest.

After been an online friend for a While, you can decide to hang out with them and become more of social friends as well. Let me advice you to just try give it a trial to that online friend of yours who has actually tried all best to gain your attention but you still refused till now. Who knows maybe you guys will end up been a better partners? But before then, try to read how to avoid online dating scam.

5) Wedding events, Religious houses and other social gathering: If you are searching for a perfect match but you've not been attending any wedding ceremony, honestly you are missing. You do go to Church or Mosque always but no member is aware of your marital status, to me, you are not searching. Don't over look those places, as they can also be of great help to end your long term search before it would be too late.

I hope this helps?

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  1. Nice tips.. Hehe so you found online? Lol
    Wish you guys well.

  2. I found my partner through a friend

  3. Bola, its nice knowing that you belong to one category among all. Nice.


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