Monday, 13 July 2015

Healing from a broken relationship with ease

Most times getting over an heart break becomes so difficult and looks so impossible. This is just because you are completely used to this very partner of yours and the whole things is like you can't cope without them. This make healing from a broken
relationship is a tough thing to do, but believe me, it can be done. You only need to understand this process am about to talk about.

The mistakes people make most times is expecting to get over a broken relationship almost immediately, which I will be bold enough to tell you it is impossible. This is just because, that relationship of yours was not also built in a day it actually took you some time to build, so you have to get over it gradually.

Therefore the first thing to believe is that, there is no time limit. It will take you as much time as it could, which depends on the emotional closeness between you and your partner and the circumstances that led to the break up.

At the start of the break up, you may be a long way from being back to normal, but over time, you should be seen development when you started doing the right thing.

This post is somehow specifically addressed to women. To them it's easy to become a 'we' and lose a little 'me'. And a little of that isn't a bad thing, but once the relationship has ended it's time to get your 'me' back. This process will help you heal and grow. It will remind you that there was a time when you were happy without your ex. This 'reawakening' can be a very exciting time and it can help dull at least some of the pain you're feeling since the breakup.

If nothing else, it will surely give you something to occupy your mind with and if done, I don't think you will be more worried about the break up because it will hardly occur to your mind. The question is, what are that special steps am so much talking about? Below are what you are meant to do, in order to get over a break up.

1) Spending time with family and friends: This will go a long way in helping you enormously to get over a broken relationship. Surrounding yourself with people who love you will help you stay strong. When in the midst of a bad breakup it's easy to forget that you will be happy again.

It can be hard to see past that black hole, but if you're with your happy family and friends they will help you feel the love that you are missing from your ex. You will not always be alone and if you will agree with me, there has been a time before, when you never meet your partner and your major source of happiness then was your family and friends.

2) Try to remember those things you hate about the relationship: It might not be a bad idea to remind yourself of the things in the relationship that made you unhappy, or mad, or both. You don't want to dwell on the relationship too much at this point but reminding yourself of the bad times might help you gain a little clarity and move the healing process along a little bit.

 3) Try Standing on your own: One of the most liberating thoughts I do repeat to myself when I’m immersed in grief and sadness when I broke up with my first love was this: “I don’t need anyone or anything to make me happy.” That job is all my own, with the help of my God.

Whenever am experiencing the intense pangs of grief, it is so difficult to trust that I can be whole without that person in my life. But I have learned over and over again that I can. I really can. It is my job to fill the emptiness, and I can do it … creatively, and with the help of my higher power.

No matter how you choose to go about it, just remember that healing from a broken relationship is possible. You will get through it and you will find love and happiness again. If you learn from your past relationship you can take that knowledge with you into your next relationship which will help make that relationship even better.

I hope this help?

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  1. I agree with NO2, it really helped me back in the days during my heartbreak period

  2. Nice! Everyone at one point or the other had experienced an heart break. Thanks.

  3. I remember how hurt I felt those days after my ex told me it was over. But thank God I was able to get over it by applying numbers 1 & 2. Nice tips

  4. I applied number 2 during my own time. Number 1 is kinda annoying no offence. I just needed to be alone then n it helped to remember his bad habits. It actually made me feel better.

  5. All very helpful tips for dealing with a breakup. For me I just made sure to keep myself busy and to not over think the past relationship. Everything happens for a reason, so I learned to accept it.


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