Wednesday, 22 July 2015

How To Get Yourself Noticed By The Man You Love

Why so many ladies who are quality house wife materials find it difficult to get the man of their choice? As a lady, nothing is as frustrating as  falling in love with a guy who seems so special to your heart but  never get the time to notice you.  No matter how hard you tried, he just don't look at your side and he feels everything is just normal and nothing special that is worth noticing about the way you treat him.
We all know, it is not always easy for ladies to confront a guy and approach him for love, or let me say asking him out. If you still love that very person, and you don't want to give up here are some of the things to do, for him to notice you.

1. Always feel happy about yourself: You have to look like you're already happy with yourself, your lifestyle and everything about you, this will go a long way in calling his attention because every guy will want to be part of that special lifestyle of yours. You have to always be proud of yourself and the way carry activities on a daily basis. Don't have the intention of meeting someone else's standards of beauty, or of how a woman should behave.

2. Do away with desperation: These days, what actually makes it difficult for most ladies to get a befitted husband is desperation. They often look so desperate in searching. It's not really advisable  to keep staring at the guy always, smile too eagerly, or abandoning your friends as you wait for him to approach you. 

Some ladies will even go ahead and apply special make up in public, just to gain his attention. Stop doing all these to please him, be convenient with your outfit and don't keep walking up and down in a million times with the hope that he will just notice you, doing this will make him get notice of your intention and that will only push him away, even though there are so many reasons why he will never propose.

3. Moderately walking around him: It is very easy to get him notice you, if you walk by him in a decent and moderate ways. You just have to walk by with a purpose, don't linger or walk like you are in a fashion parade show, or walking like you are confused making you look like you don't know where you're going. Try to walk slowly and decently enough for him to see you, and he will check out your nice looking and he will definitely want to talk to you.

4.  Give him an eye contact: Some ladies are just too good in doing this, why some are poor. The guy you want to notice you is around, you should try as much as possible to give him eyes contact. Then you should hold his gaze for just the right amount of time. Don't keep looking into his eyes for hours, as if it is a man like me, that can easily get me confused or discouraged. All you need is to just keep eye contact for a few seconds to show him you're interested. Don't look too desperate, but let him notice that you will be happy talking if he approached you. 

5.  Be positive: Congratulations, haven done all these and the guy has noticed your presence and your good looking, the next thing is making sure he talk to you so that he can really appreciate you. At this point, you are about to win, you just have to be positive and be yourself. 

Don't force yourself to talk to him, he will do, he will actually say hi and complement your dress or something. Grasp that opportunity and appreciate somethings about him too, this will go a long way in bringing up a topic of discussion between you two. After he talk with you, don't bring up a topic that is irritating or annoying about yourself. Please. 

6. Give him the avenue to ask you out: You have tried to this level, now let him ask you out. Don't make the mistake of not letting him to feel free to approached you. You have to go beyond getting the guy to notice you allow him to ask you out. 

The easiest way is to discuss a lot about what you both like to do next, the program you wished to attend or places you wish to visit soon. You can also just give him a light complement and let him see that you like hanging out with him. Now that the guy has noticed you, it's up to you to keep his attention. If you are really determined and remain positive, he'll be asking you out within a short period of time.

I hope this helps?

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