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How To Help People Who Are Drug Addict In The Family

Life is just getting more interested here, not just because we earn more money but because we are making progress in what we do. In drug free club NYSC CDS group where I belong, we are not just out there to sensitize people against the use of illicit drugs but also involved in helping those who are already an addict drug to live a meaningful life again.
How beautiful could life would have been if everyone cares about them as we do? The world would not have only be free of social problems, but also healthy to live if you could just love someone and cure them of their addictions. How many parents, spouses or partners, aunts, uncles and children would will a loved one back to recover from drug use...but yet could not just help because they care not or lack technical know how about it.

 Addiction to drug
When you're addicted to drug use, you become unable to control yourself towards the use of the drug and you may continue using the drug despite the harm it causes to your body. Drug addiction always  cause an intense craving for the drug. You may want to quit, but most people discover they can't do it on their own. That's when you need the help of your doctor, family, friends or a support group like our CDS group am talking about.

Addictions are something like a flood: It started gradually like a rain fall and when it continue unstopped for a very long period of time, it result to a great disaster which no one can predict the level of it's damage when it comes. That leaves a lot of family members in search on how to help their loved one to get out of this mess before it get them affected like the flood I just described above. 

Do you love to help them recover back to normal?  Here are some suggestions: 

Be Yourself: Someone may want to ask me why? Why should I be myself when am only trying to help others? This is necessary when trying to help an addict. Why? Because you might be involved with that addict for years – maybe for a lifetime. So, you have to be as strong as you can be for a long, long while.  Try to stay strong spiritually, mentally and physically. This is important so that at long run you yourself will not end up been introduced to drug use by the victim you are trying to rescue. There was a case of a lady who fell into drug use while trying to rescue her boyfriend from addiction.

You need Education : Before we can pass any meaningful message across to a drug victim, the most important thing that is required of us is to be properly equipped with relevant knowledge. Drug addictions are called a disease – but do you know why? Do you know the various symptoms of early, middle or late stage addictions? Do you know the various counseling options? Do you know how family dynamics play out when a family member is addicted? Do you know the physical symptoms signs when someone is just going into drug use? Knowing all these are not only necessary but are compulsory for anyone who wishes to get people out of addictions.

Create a strong family bonds including the addicted person: It can not be disputed that family plays a major role in influencing the lifestyle of everyone. This is because human beings are meant to behave in a manner and ways they were brought up. Therefore, try as much as possible to provide strong and positive family bonds.

The addicted victim should not be neglected rather been carried alone, make him more closer to the family and talk to him when necessary. If the addicted victim is a child of the family, there should be an obvious and consistent parental monitoring of children's

activities as well as clear and consistent rules of conduct- reinforced within the family. The parents must be closely and constructively involved in the lives of the victims

Develop an effective communication skills: You are not a professional, but you can help in a lot of ways if you develop a proper means of communication to address their problems. Most times, people with drug addiction will always feel like all is right and will never accept that they needed an assistance. Through your effective communication skills You can get to know their problems and what always prompt them to drug use.

Knowing all these will make you to be successful in encouraging loved ones to stop or seek help for their addiction. Don't get them insulted always or call them names, you are only getting things worse. Communication can be powerful methods of convincing addicts of the impact their drug use has on all the people they care about. Tell them how their drug use is affecting the entire family or someone you know they really care about.

Seek professional help: In reality,drug addiction is always difficult to overcome without professional medical or therapeutic assistance.  You don't have to ignore the drug use of your loved one. Instead, accept the addiction and the strain it is putting on the family or relationship.

With respect, ask or encourage your loved one to attend a doctor’s visit, therapy session, anonymous support group session, or detoxification clinic. Don't be surprised they will refuse to go because of the social stigma attached, you have to offer to go along with them. And encourage them everything will be right the moment he give it a consideration. I hope this help?

In the next few weeks, I will also be presenting a paper titled "Drug abuse and it's economic implication" in that wonderful group.

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  1. Yeah I quite agree with seeking professional help.. Addiction is a strong bond that is not easily broken..

  2. Gloria its my pleasure hearing from you about this.

  3. I hope a drug addict reads this
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Being addicted to drug is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Talking from a Spiritual perspective, I somehow believed that addiction has a demonic spirit associated with it, watching my best friends older brother deal with his addiction while growing up makes me to conclude that. All youths should be aware and beware.


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