Monday, 6 July 2015

How To Identify A wife Material

In those old days when marriage was relatively easy, then, what qualifies a woman to be regarded as a good *wife material* was her ability to be submissive, take care of the home including her kids and her husband and reserve a great level of respect for her in-law. In those days, her wealth, level of education, nature of job or aspirations has nothing to do with the nature of woman she will be regarded as. Then those criteria were not material in nature.

In recent years, things has really changed and in fact, changing in a direction to which no one can actually define what qualities must be possessed by a woman to be called a wife material. It is now a very common thing to see matured young man with no intention of getting married soon, hiding under the claim of still searching for a wife material. A friend of mine, after we both had a long conversation about three of his girlfriends, he concluded the whole discussion by saying "Saheed, none of them is a wife material jor"

I quit agreed with him that marriage has to do with getting a girl whom you feel possesses certain good qualities that make her to be special to you...Sweet, caring, submissive and compassionate. Every man will definitely have his own special criteria when it comes to deciding who to choose as a life partner, but it should not be too extreme. Which at the end of the day 99% of ladies around you could not meet up.

To me your search for wife materialism has gone too extreme if your searching criteria in a single lady are Truthfulness, submissiveness, humility, absence of materialism, beautiful, tenderness, hardworking, rich, Possesses Home making skills and culinary skills and so on...Haba!!! All these in a single new generation's lady? I think you are wasting your time.

Another point worthy of notice here is that, even if all of these attributes are found in a single lady, you as the potential husband must possess certain best qualities desirable in man to win and maintain such a modest woman. Most especially, on the issue of submissiveness, in reality, no matter how religious a woman is, she can never be submissive to a man who treat her bad. Any man who is not decent, loving, and responsible should not set such an high expectation in ladies, otherwise he will remain single for life.

To me, apart from been religious, submissive, supportive and having an home making skills...most of other factors use by guys nowadays to disqualify ladies from been a wife material are baseless. Like someone always say, that any girl that users iphone6 or any sophisticated phone without any tangible means of livelihood is not a wife material. Lol...

Lastly, am not here to give you what an ideal good wife material should be, this is because to a greater extent depends on individual's preference. I can only advise and encourage you to set an obtainable criteria in your searching for a life partner. It is also important, that you must also be a right man with certain good qualities in you. This is because, if you finally find that very lady you can regard as a wife material in your own taste, she will only be happy to accept you, if you are seen to be perfect match with her.
I hope this help?

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  1. Woow! This is a very good write-up, and nice blog you have. Thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. I think guys set unrealistic standards most of the time.

  3. Most people confuse perfection for vital qualities. U said it all. He who wants a wife "material", should be a husband material too...

  4. Thanks everyone for stopping by.

  5. It truly bothers on personal preference. But haba those qualities are not extreme jor. People just tend to look in the wrong places. Like what are the odds that you'll meet a humble, submissive, truthful tender woman in a strip club? Where you're looking matters a lot.
    Nice one Uthman

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  7. Sometimes when guys say they are looking for a wife and you ask them what are the criteria they want they will say fine,presentable she must not be a liability,.due must come from a rich home. Imagine, it's that how to get a wife?

    1. Smiles...that's gold digger hiding under been presentable and not been a liability. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Interesting write up. I really need to share this with more dudes out there.

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